Food Review 2020 – Purple Cane Tea Mooncake

“May we live long and share the beauty of the moon together, even if we are hundreds of miles apart”, this Song dynasty poem is written by Su Shi, or Su Dongpo, captures the spirit of Mid-Autumn Festival…

The main legend behind the Mid-Autumn Festival is of the goddess Chang’e….

Thousands of years ago, the Earth was said to have 10 suns, causing a heat which ravaged the world with a terrible drought… The Emperor of Heaven sent his great archer Hou Yi to shoot down nine of the suns, and saved life on Earth. As a reward for this feat, Hou Yi was given the elixir of immortality, which he hid in his home, planning to share it with his beautiful wife, Chang’e.

But when Hou Yi was away hunting, his apprentice, Feng Meng, came to his home to steal the elixir. Chang’e, determined to keep it out of Feng’s hands, drank the potion and ascended to the heavens, where she took the moon as her home. It is said that, to this day, those who look hard enough can see Chang’e’s likeness in the moon.

Mid-Autumn Festival somehow is synonymous with lanterns and mooncakes. The quintessential delicacy of the festival, mooncakes are a dense pastry made of lotus seed paste and salted duck egg yolk. To be sure, there are thousands of regional and contemporary variations, and nowadays one can find ostentatious confections flavoured with everything from coffee to champagne and truffles.

Personally, having tried a wide variety of mooncakes, I was fortunate to get to also try Purple Cane exclusive tea-infused top sellers, which are the 6-in-1 Tea Mooncake Set, 2-in 1 Delightful Autumn Tea Mooncake Set, Goldfish Tea Biscuits (Puer and Green Tea), Purple Cane’s new Teh Kurang Manis Mooncake (I absolutely love this!!!), the Baby Chrysanthemum / Rose Herbs Tea and a bottle of Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds!!!!

As a kid, I had always enjoyed Mooncake biscuits also known pigs in basket (weird as they are not even made from meat let alone pork)… used to be placed directly inside a red plastic basket and hung with a nylon string for display at shops.

Purple Canes version of these pigs jn basket is the Goldfish Biscuit which comes in 2 flavors, Puer Tea and Green Tea which makes it just pretty irresistible and even more prettier to eat….

Purple Cane uses tea leaves in fine powdered form which are mixed with other ingredients to form their mooncake pastry crust. It is a perfect complement to delicious fillings wuch as red bean paste, lotus paste and assorted nuts. Purple Cane’s mooncakes are irresistibly perfect for even the most health-conscious, given that the mooncakes are neither too sweet or too savory, are low in fat content and contain no preservatives. 

Purple Cane’s Tea mooncakes are made with cantonese style pastry crust and added tea leaves which make the mooncakes full of flavour and delicate taste, as well as rich in plant fibre, hence, promoting health and beauty.

Anyway to me readers and friends… I have 5 Mid-Autumn Sets to be given away to you guys consisting of 2 Mooncakes (Twin box) + 1 tea, GC 60 days Voucher and Purple Cane Tea Cuisine Restaurant and Tea+ Cash Vouchers!!!!!

Winning is just so simple…

1. Follow my page ( , and also @purplecane_tea, and @purplecane.teacuisine Instagram account
2. Share this post on your IG story
3. Tag 2 friends in your post comments
4. 5 winners will be selected and Purple Cane will deliver their prizes to them. (Winners to be announced on 21st Sept before Mid-Autumn)

Check out Purple Cane’s Mid-Autumn offerings here:

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