Shop from home via myCITTA…

CITTA Mall has launched its delivery platform, myCITTA, to complement the mall’s brick and mortar stores. Shoppers can now simply tap their purchases from the comfort of their homes by accessing the platform via the mall’s websites at

Featuring an array of merchandise by retailers who has shops in CITTA Mall, myCITTA offers shoppers the flexibility and convenience in browsing and making purchases online…

Now you can buy a pack of chips or sign up for that new fitness programme, and opt for home delivery or self-pickups upon making the purchase.

The Covid-19 outbreak has brought to the fore among retail businesses the importance of being omnipresent across all channels to meet consumer needs and demands. Hence, CITTA Mall is now capitalising on the opportunity presented by the digital era to help their tenants boost sales while making shopping safe, convenient, and pleasurable for the general public, since most shoppers are nowadays reluctant to leave home unless necessary due to the pandemic…

myCITTA is here to cater to the needs of shoppers as the mall offer an alternative to their shopping needs..

Also, unlike other delivery services, myCITTA offers local deliveries beyond food within and outside of Klang Valley, so shoppers can still purchase their favourite goods from the mall from the comfort of their home….

There are over 35 participating stores onboard, all of whom offer a wide selection of merchandise.. To encourage bulk purchase, shoppers can also order bestsellers from different stores in just one delivery…

Among participating merchants shoppers can look forward to on myCITTA include A slice of Heaven, Beans N Beans, Wingstop, Fruitlab, Peak Fitness, Ashley Furniture HomeStore, Canning Heritage,
Gajahmada, House of Malaya, Penyet Express, A Beauty Secret Studio, A&W, Boozeat, Gadget C Store, Iyakimono, JOMLaksa, Manjakaki, Marrybrown, Mikey’s Pizza, Onde Onde, Para Thai, Tail & Fin, The Barn, Twinbow, Union Roastery, MaggyMe, Universal Noodle, Ying Ker Lou, Waroeng
Penyet, Wrappe, Deli Wau, B Optique, and Julia Gabriel & Chiltern House Preschool.
Available promotion in conjunction with the launch of the digital platform is as below:-

  1. Go to on PC or mobile
  2. Click the Order Now button at the Best Sellers section or click on the logos of participating stores.
  3. Choose the items and quantity (select add-ons, if any), then click Add to Order.
  4. Review your order by clicking on the shopping cart icon. Select the delivery date and time, then fill in your particulars.
  5. Check the ‘I understand and I’m ready to submit my order’ box and click Submit Order.
    Complete payment, receive your order confirmation via WhatsApp, and wait for your order to arrive.

If you are unsure of where to start or what to order, how about checking these three stores out…

I was over at CITTA Mall recently and could not resist dining in these shops which served pretty great meals…

Beans N Beans is a Korean Cafe serving great coffee, made from 100% Arabica beans roasted the way we like…

They also serve up a selection of delicious sandwiches and pizzas, and those who love something sweet will not be able to resist their famous Bingsu, a Korean dessert made from the fluffiest shaved ice using a secret family recipe passed down through the generations….

I could not resist their Chicken Bulgogi sandwich and Hawaiian Pizza…

Beans N Beans is short for Red Beans and Coffee Beans, two ingredients dating back to the 10th century that are high in fibre and antioxidants, but our cafe is simplicity and dedicated to serving good homemade snacks.

Location : G-20 (Ground Floor)
Phone Number : +6013-577 7775
Website :
Opening Hours : 8.30 am to 12.00 am (Daily)

Gajah Mada serves some very deliciously authentic & delightfully affordable Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian & Vietnamese cuisine, created by The Majapahit group.

It was a hard decision trying to decide between the Indonesian Bandung Chicken with Spicy Green Chilli Set that came with fluffly white rice, sambal kering tempe and corn fritters and also the Thai Green Curry Set with Beef that came with fluffy white rice, papaya salad and spring roll….

Besides that Gajah Mada also shares the shoplot with 3 other brands – WingStop, Tail & Fin, Canning Heritage…

I dare say the Louisiana Rub and Mango Habanero chicken from WingStop really taste great…

And Tail & Fin serves healthy and super delicious pokebowls.. Give the Omega a try and you know what I mean….

As for Canning Heritage which serves chinese style food.. I love the Roasted Chicken Rice set.

Location : G-03 & G-03A (Ground Floor)
Website :
Opening Hours : 10.00am to 10.00pm (daily)

Wrappe was founded and created for the love of good food, good taste and quality ingredients…

The founder, Yong took great pains to come up with his own recipes through trial and error; carefully selecting and measuring how good food should be served. It is probably one of the most sincere relationships any man can have with his food…

I ordered the Sweet Escape, consisting of te der whole boneless chicken thigh with a hash brown, scrambled eggs, caramelised onions, sautéed carrots, baked cherry tomatoes, red cabbage, romaine lettuce and sweet basil over a rice bowl.. You can actually choose for it to be wrapped or even on a salad bowl with 2 choices of dressings….

Location : G-16 (Ground Floor)
Phone Number : 011-3676 7530
Website :
Opening Hours : 10.00am to 10.00pm (daily)

Get RM5 off for every order at myCITTA by entering the code CITTA2U (Valid for the first 100 customers only).

Peak Fitness 3 days free trial pass for all who shop on myCITTA.

To order online, shoppers simply need to go through the following steps:
For more information, visit myCITTA at

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