TCRS Grilled Butter Chicken is back perfectly delicious…

There’s always a perfect match out there for everyone… And in the culinary world, one such example of that perfect coupling would be the pairing of chicken and butter – a dish which is just so rich in texture and flavour…

Yours truly was certainly excited when The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS) announced the return of its most sought-after year-end menu, the Grilled Butter Chicken, which is currently available up till 17 January 2021, this dish was specially made for Malaysians to satiate their appetite and to entice them with the perfect companion….

The Grilled Butter Chicken has been one of the most anticipated dishes at TCRS, and has customers coming back for more annually just to get their hands on the creamy flavour of the grilled boneless chicken thigh topped with golden buttery sauce, garnished with curry leaves and red chilli

Butter is not just an ingredient but an essential element that keeps us satisfied and happy, and the love for butter never fades. With each bite of TCRS Grilled Butter Chicken, Malaysians will repeatedly fall in love with a dish that melts the heart….

TCRS stays true to their tagline ‘Chicken Rice… and More’ as they never fail to attract patrons with various local delights that Malaysians can relate to including their annual year-end treat.

The Grilled Butter Chicken is the perfect dish to end the year ,and probably one of the beat things year 2020 brings..

For more information on Grilled Butter Chicken or other promotions available at The Chicken Rice Shop visit or its Facebook page

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