Kwai Chai Hong Presents Everlasting Beauty with a New Art Sculpture and Traditional Fabric-Dye Installation….

Since its launch in 2019, the team behind Kwai Chai Hong, a restoration project of heritage 10 shophouses and a laneway hidden in between Lorong Panggung and Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumpur, has consistently introduced exciting art installations and activities to transform the already interesting space….

The story continues with its first installation of 2021 as it presents a new permanent art sculpture by Alice Chang of Lai Lai Art Studio and traditional fabric-dye installation in an effort to celebrate Chinese culture and heritage.

Drawing from a central theme of “Everlasting Beauty”, this installation pays tribute to the classic Wan Shou Wu Jiang (万寿无疆) porcelain design which is often found in the homes of Chinese families, and is also infused with inspiration from the popular Chinese floral design, Bao Xiang Hua (寳相花). Together with Alice, Kwai Chai Hong presents a masterpiece sculpture made from hundreds of porcelain pieces created as an expression of turning waste to adoration, giving it a new lease of life. The idea came about when Alice saw how a beautiful porcelain plate that has served hundreds of memorable dinners was disposed-off instantly the moment it was chipped. Chinese superstition believes that a chipped plate is an omen of misfortune.

“There is so much memory behind these plates that it breaks my heart to see them thrown away. Now I can give it a new purpose; an art-piece that people can appreciate for a long time,” Alice said. Thus, the creation of “The Lady” (小姐) sculpture now sits gracefully to greet visitors as they enter Kwai Chai Hong. This concept is further channeled through the installation of a setup mimicking a traditional fabric-dye factory with colourful textile hanging over bamboo stilts to dry. With the help of technology and in collaboration with Epson Malaysia, the traditional fabric-dye installation represents how old and dying crafts are innovated and transformed into various forms, including art.

Zeen Chang, managing partner of Bai Chuan Management, said: “At the core, Kwai Chai Hong serves as more than just an attraction spot. We challenge ourselves to recreate the wonders of Chinese culture and heritage and in that process, we strive to bring the best experiences to our visitors near and far. This year, we are proud to be working with Epson Malaysia to bring our vision into reality. At Kwai Chai Hong, we have always incorporated the power of technology and innovation to enhance one’s experience bringing people back in time.”

From Moonlight in the City, to the mythical flying dragon installation, to the glorious rabbits at Hops and Dreams, every initiative to bring footfall into the area has had some element of technology and innovation. “By collaborating with local artists, we were able to work hand-in-hand to create an experience that is uniquely Kwai Chai Hong and we wish to continue this journey and help others to discover the gems of this beautiful and rich culture,” Zeen adds.

Dickson Lee, senior manager, commercial & industrial department, Epson Malaysia, said: “We are delighted to work with Bai Chuan Management again to bring vibrant traditions to life with printing technology. Using the Epson SureColor SC-F9430 dye-sublimation digital textile printer, we have printed over 200 metres of fabric for this installation while ensuring the design details and colours are well presented. We hope the visitors to Kwai Chai Hong will love the installation as much as we have enjoyed bringing the concept of traditional fabric-dye factory to life with our printer.”

Kwai Chai Hong will be open to the public daily from 9am to 12 midnight, with strict SOPs observed within the vicinity. The Everlasting Beauty art installation will be available from 26th March to 2nd May 2021. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the traditional fabric-dye art installation like never before.

For more details, please visit Project Kwai Chai Hong’s Facebook, Instagram or website at

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