Food Review 2021 – IndoAsli Restaurant

Indonesia’s food scene is as numerous as its islands… I was suppose to have two trips to Indonesia last year but due to the pandemic , it was cancelled or postponed to further notice, and so I do really miss Indonesian food…

I was one of the lucky ones who was invited over to IndoAsli, an authentic Indonesian Homestyle Cuisine restaurant at Central i-City…

IndoAsli’s story began 20 years ago, whe. A talented chef decided to travel around Indonesia to search for the most authentic food flavours… He stopped at various places in Indonesia to try the different food from the different regions before coming back to Malaysia to create IndoAsli, so that he could share these authentic Indonesian flavors with us Malaysians…

IndoAsli is the place where you can indulge in a variety of tasty and authentic Indonesian food from the different regions of Indonesia!!!

While waiting for the dishes, a little bowl of Tempe Sira (RM4.90) sets the mood.. Filled with flavorful tempe, tauhu, peanuts and anchovies fried to perfection with flavors… 

Among the food we got to taste was the Tahu Telur (RM11.90) which was a small oblong tower of egg and beancurd fried to its crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.. Eat this with the special sauce… It is truly yummy.. 

Gulai Ayam Padang
Rendang Sapi
Rendang  kambing

Then, there was the Gulai Ayam Padang (Curry Chicken from Padang) (RM16.90), Rendang Sapi (Beef Rendang) (RM22.90)  and Rendang Kambing (Mutton Rendang) (RM27. 90) that tasted sooo good with the accompanying white rice….

I definitely could not get enough of the Ikan Talapia Goreng Renyah Sambal Nusantara – top (Fried Crispy Tilapia fish with 3 types of sambal – sambal balado, sambal ijo and sambal nusantara) (RM39. 90) and the Cumi Bakar Jimbaran – below (RM35. 80) …

The Ayam Bakar Sate – top (Roast Chicken with Satay Sauce) (RM19.90)  was also a treat as well as the Terung Raos Khas Bandung – below (Bandung Special Tempura Eggplant) (RM11. 90) 

If you are there to dine alone, you should order the Nasi Tumpeng Ayam Bakar Percik Bali (Percik Roast Chicken with Rice from Bali) (RM25. 90) which comes with some tempe, acar and keropok… 

End your lovely meal with some Jeli dalam Telur – top(Jelly in egg) (RM8.90)  served with ice cream or the Popia Pisang – below(crunchy banana wrapped in Popia skin) (RM12.90)

You can also quench your thirst with Es Alpukat (Iced Avocado) (RM12.90), Jus Alpukat Teristimewa IndoAsli (IndoAsli’s most special Avocado’ Juice) (RM13.90) or Soda Serai (Lemongrass Soda) (RM6.90) (from left to right)

Pricing wise, it is pretty affordable and reasonably priced and won’t burn a hole in your wallet… Tastewise, it is indeed just as good and even better then some of the food I had during ny trip in Indonesia… And yes, I would soooo go back there for more..

*IndoAsli new menu is currently exclusive at IndoAsli IOI City Mall, Putrajaya and will soon be available at IndoAsli Central i-City, Shah Alam

Check out IndoAsli outlets: –
IndoAsli IOI City Mall, Putrajaya – Lot LG-36
IndoAsli Central i-City, Shah Alam – Lot LG-58

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