Hari Sarong 21 on Malaysia Day

LOCCO “gathered” Malaysians no matter where in the world to come together as one in celebrating this year’s Hari Malaysia through sarong..

LOCCO, in case you did not know, is a Community Group which aims to advocate and showcase the best of Malaysia , from culture to the people that brings colour into this beautiful country.

The team at LOCCO think up and create a full range of experiences, beginning with their signature Keretapi Sarong and various community projects with communities around Kuala Lumpur which empowers our local heritage and culture…

Despite the pandemic and less people joining in this year compared to previous years, there had been lots of activities, classes & contests for willing participants with the reminder to follow Government SOPs and take precautions…

Yours truly start the day by wearing some of my batik/ sarong attire and catching up with my girlfriends, Lily and Wawa..

We had a great time going from loitering outside the National Museum, and taking photos with antique trains and such before uploading our pictures on our social media with the hashtag #harisarong21.

We also tried to participate in one Locco’s Traditional Dance classes, Kelas Tari Kita – Tarian Inang which is quite simple since it is just 8 steps but, silly me still manage to botch it up and we ended up giggling and laughing our head off at my pathetic efforts despite my very patient teacher looking on…

And heading to the National Monument on the later part of rhe evening for more photos as well as remembering the heroes that died for the country….

No matter what it was still a fun way to celebrate Malaysia Day with my friends… And hoping for the return of Keretapi Sarong next year!!!!

To know more about LOCCO

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