Experience Lights and Shadows at Kwai Chai Hong’s ‘Illuminating Shadows 光 。影’

The enchanting laneway in KL Chinatown sandwiched in between 10 shophouses fondly known as Kwai Chai Hong has introduced its latest art installation, ‘Illuminating Shadows 光 。影’. And it is definitely a must visit place….

The amazing team behind Kwai Chai Hong has collaborated once again with Alice Chang of Lai Lai Art Studio on this gorgeous experimental art installation involving a play on perspective using Lights and Shadows.

Alice takes inspiration from the impact on society due to recent events which have been a rather negative perspective on matters for many…

The installation features a ‘Giant Rabbit Sculpture’ and ‘Chaser Rabbits’ – a reference to the Jade Rabbit and Running Horse lantern initially created in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Using metal wires, Alice constructs a cage, spanning 8ft and 5ft in size respectively, and secures square-shaped holographic materials to create a unique illusion through its reflected image.

What captures everyone’s attention when you step foot in this laneway would be the ‘Vivid Streams’ which features an extraordinary take on the twists and turns in life using the same holographic material that has been manipulated into various shapes, embodying the fluidity life has to offer….

With elements of the wind and sun, the shadows come to life with vibrant colours that are synonymous with the presence of beauty in everything. Visitors will be delighted to find a change in perspective since shadows are typically dark in nature.

Thanks to TianChad for this amazing photo

Personally, I love it… It is truly creative and instagrammable, thus giving everyone a chance to be creative and imaginative while taking photos etc…

Zeen Chang, managing partner of Bai Chuan Management, said: “When my team and I first started brainstorming this concept, we stayed faithful to ensuring we have elements of Chinese culture and tradition in every aspect. Additionally, we wanted to create something that was relevant to fellow Malaysians during these difficult times and remind ourselves that everything is beautiful if we choose to see the beauty in them. In many ways, the cage-like structure symbolises the rules and SOPs laid upon us but also the unwavering respect we have for all frontliners, and thanks to their resilience, brighter days are ahead. We wish to spread more positive vibes through this art installation and show everyone that there is hope as things begin to return to normal”. 

From the humble beginnings of a rejuvenation project back in 2019, Kwai Chai Hong has come a long way in terms of its positive impact on the community and immediate surroundings. This effort has been recognised by International Travel Awards 2021 as Kwai Chai Hong clinches the “Best Heritage Attraction in Kuala Lumpur” award. “We are truly grateful for this recognition and it serves as a testament to our dedication in giving back to the community and country. We hope to continue doing what we love in a place that is special to us all,” Zeen added.  

Kwai Chai Hong opens daily from 9am to 10pm, with strict SOPs observed within the vicinity.

The Illuminating Shadows art installation will be available from 29th October to 5th December 2021. Seize the opportunity to marvel at the colourful Lights and Shadows throughout this period, and drop by the 10 amazing eateries in the area! 

For regular updates, please visit Project Kwai Chai Hong’s Facebook, Instagram or website at www.kwaichaihong.com  

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