The Summer Palace Chinese Restaurant at the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel will be welcoming the roaring new year with a repertoire of dishes by Executive Chinese Chef James Chai Chuan Suing…

Chef James is a talented chef who is skilled with Hakka and Teow Chew cuisines, having gained ample experience by exploring one Chinese kitchen to another where he was inspired to create and add caviar, truffle and foie gras create his version of modern Chinese cuisine….

For the coming Year of the Tiger – Chinese New Year, Chef James has prepared a glorious “Fatt Choy Feast” and Prosperity Yee Sang which will be available throughout the festive season…

This feast will be available from 1st January until 15th February 2022, so gather your family, friends, business partners or your associates in your company and indulge in this glorious feast..

Just remember to keep your mask on when tossing your Lo Hei this 2022 to an auspicious year ahead….

There are three choices of Fatt Choy Feast menu which has been specially prepared by Chef James; firstly, there is the Golden Set which is priced at RM 2888 per table of 10 persons, secondly, there is the Diamond Set at RM 1988 per table of 10 persons and last but not least, the Jade Set at RM 1788 per table of 10 persons….

Each menu symbolizes the essence of purity, prosperity, togetherness and most importantly unity which is just perfect for a mini celebration….

Golden Set – RM 2888 (per table of 10 persons)
*“Hokkaido Scallop Tuna & Salmon” Yee Sang With Mixed Pickles And Vegetables
*Braised Fish Maw Soup With Crab Meat, Dried Scallop, Fish Lips
*Roasted Duck Marinated With Oriental Herbs, Five Spices, And Truffle Sauce
*Steamed Dragon Tiger Grouper With Spring Onion, Ginger And Superior Soya Sauce
*Fragrant Fried Lobster Tail with Yunnan Black Bean Sauce
*Slow Temperature Cook Black Pearl Sea Cucumber, Dried Oyster and Abalone With Broccoli
*Poached Egg Noodles with Honey Boneless Chicken and Assorted Mixed Vegetables
*Chilled Avocado Cream with Assorted Mixed Fruits
*Deep Fried Rice Cracker Cake with Purple Potato

I got to indulge in the Diamond Set – RM 1988 (per table of 10 persons) recently and it was definitely one of the best Chinese New Year lunch I had…

*“Abalone” Ear Fungus Yee Sang With Crispy Salmon Skin and Mixed Pickles

*Braised Assorted Mixes Dried Seafood, Fish Maw, Bamboo Pith in Superior Chicken Broth

*Steamed Baked Hong Kong Farm Chicken with Minced Ginger Sauce

*Steamed Dragon Tiger Grouper with Chili Pickles Sauce

*Wok Fried Fresh Water Prawn with Salted Egg York

*Braised Dried Oyster, Sea Cucumber, Sea Moss with Brown Sauce

*Wok Fried Jasmine Rice with Diced Chicken Salted Egg

*Chilled Lemon Sea Coconut with Lotus Seed

*Deep Fried Rice Cracker Gold Cake with Purple Potato

Jade Set – RM 1788 (per table of 10 persons)
*“Salmon“ Yee Sang With Crispy Fish Skin and Mixed Pickles
*Braised Sea Cucumber, Cordyceps, Fish Lips and Crab Meat Soup
*Roasted Sesame Chicken Marinated With Sea Salt, Ginger and Herbs
*Steamed Tiger Grouper with Hong Kong Style
*Fragrant Fried Tiger Prawn with Sweet And Sour King Sauce
*Stewed Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Sea Moss with Dried Scallop Sauce
*Steamed Mini Glutinous Rice with Smoke Duck Wrapped In Lotus Leaf
*Chilled Sea Coconut with Snow Fungus “Teow Chew “Style
*Deep Fried Rice Cracker Gold Cake with Purple Potato

The Prosperity Yee Sang sets are available from 1 January – 15 February 2022 and priced from RM 78 nett and available in 2 sizes a half portion or full portion. Each sets comes in a beautiful packaging for takeaway or which can be delivered to family, friends or even business partners….

Yee Sang with Jelly Fish Skin, Crispy Fish Skin & Mixed Pickles
(RM 78 Half Portion, RM 98 Full Portion)

Yee Sang with Salmon Fish, Crispy Fish Skin & Mixed Pickles
(RM 98 Half Portion, RM 118 Full Portions)

Yee Sang with Ice Fish, Ear Fungus, Crispy Fish Skin and Mixed Pickles
(RM 98 Half Portion, RM 118 Full Portions)

Yee Sang with Hokkaido Scallop, Abalone Sliced, Crispy Fish Skin & Mixed Vegetables
(RM 128 Half Portion, RM 148 Full Portions)

Yee Sang with Abalone, Crispy Salmon Skin, Fresh Vegetables & Mixed Pickles
(RM 148 Half Portion, RM 228 Full Portions)

Yee Sang with Abalone, Tuna, Salmon Sliced, Crispy Salmon Skin & Truffle Oil
(RM 158 Half Portion, RM 238 Full Portion)

For more information or reservations, please call +6038949 8888 ext. 1333 or WhatsApp +60115685 5608/+60115685 6380.

Address – IOI Resort City, 62502 Sepang, Wilayah Persekutuan

Website –

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