Auntie Jo’s Kitchenette Cloud Kitchen in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Every once in a while we come across some really good food while exploring home deliveries… and among one of these is Auntie Jo’s Kitchenette which had come highly recommended by fellow food blogger, Auntie Lilly /

I was given the opportunity to try out her dishes which are pork free and I really fell in love with it….

My daughter and I ordered her Spicy Butter Crab, Asam Squid, Fried Porridge Mackerel and Salted Egg, Marmite Chicken and Fried Mantou

We also had some Brown Sugar Jelly Pearl Milk and Jelly Pearl Thai Milk Tea….

Spicy Butter Crab RM108 / 2 nos
If you are ordering from her, be sure not to miss out on the signature Spicy Butter Crab – the crabs are fresh from the sea and coated with spicy, creamy and rich sauce with a distinct curry leaf aroma that just complements the creamy texture of the crabs. It can be a little bit messy to eat, but adds to fun of eating crabs….The sauce is seriously delicious and I daresay you would be dipping the mantou in or licking every drop from your fingers and shells….

Deep-Fried Mantou With Gravy RM 12.90
The deep-fried mantou is a must to dip in to the Spicy Butter Crab sauce and it also comes with additional spicy butter gravy to enjoy….

Fried Porridge Mackerel Fish RM 15.90 Per Bowl 
The Fried Porridge is pretty delicious. The Fried Porridge Mackerel Fish and Salted Egg dish comes with flavoursome mackerel, salted egg, preserved vegetables, hints of ginger and fresh spring onions and pretty much a pretty filling meal on its own.

Homestyle marmite chicken RM28.00
This chicken dish is deliciously coated with a very thick, sticky and sweet Marmite sauce. This Marmite sauce makes a great glaze and adds a tangy, sweet yet savoury taste to the crispy fried chicken. Every bite of the chicken is so flavourful, juicy and delicious.

Assam Squid RM35.00
The assam squid dish is served with clean sweet savoury flavours along with tender juicy long beans in signature assam gravy, which is rich, thick, and robust in sharp sour sweet spicy flavour.

The drinks come with chewy jelly which my daughter commented similar to the black diamond from TeaLive but a bit crunchier…

Delivery charges
0km to 7km
Delivery Fee: RM6.00
Minimum Order: RM20.00
Free Delivery Minimum Order: RM70.00

8km to 15km
Delivery Fee: RM10.00
Minimum Order: RM70.00
Free Delivery Minimum Order: RM200.00

16km to 25km
Delivery Fee: RM15.00
Minimum Order: RM80.00
Free Delivery Minimum Order: RM200.00

26km to 35km
Delivery Fee: RM20.00
Minimum Order: RM100.00
Free Delivery Minimum Order: RM250.00

Auntie Jo’s Kitchenette
KitchenCo – Bangsar
Jalan Tandok
Kuala Lumpur
WhatsApp 016-587 2658 

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