Buffet Ramadan 2022 – Kafe Sarawak D’Sungai

Sarawakians and those who have been to Sarawak and enjoy Sarawak’s delicacies can now enjoy these Sarawakian and also Johorean favorites at Kafe Sarawak Johor (D’Sungai) along the riverbank next to the World Trade Centre KL…

Kafe Sarawak Johor is a small cosy cafe serving authentic Sarawakian and Johorean delicacies. Notable highlights are Sarawak Kolo Mee, Kolo Mee Goreng, Sarawak Laksa from Sarawak and Ikan Cencaru Sambal Terutuk, Asam Pedas Ayam, Soto and Lontong, and they are also currently having a mini buffet Ramadan where you can indulge in all these and more for just as little as RM48.90 per person until 2nd May 2022

Kafe Sarawak Johor is definitely a place worth dropping by for a quick meal if you are in the vicinity and I can assure you that the Buffet Ramadan is truly filling and pleasing to the senses…

The Sarawak Laksa will come served in small bowls (freshly prepared but you can ask for seconds or more) comes with prawns, strips of chicken, shredded egg, bean sprout, and some garnishings as well as chili paste and lime to add another layered dimension to the dish….

On the other hand, the Kolo Mee is also served in a small bowl, where the springy and bouncy noodles had been mixed and tossed evenly until not even a single trace of light Soy Sauce can be seen… it comes served with a small bowl of soup as well in case you prefer it wetter….

The dishes are superb and truly flavourful…. Head over there and indulge those tastebuds and cravings now!!

Address – Jalan 1/64D Off Jalan Putra 50350 Kuala Lumpur

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