Have a break, have a KITKAT® – in your Tealive smoothie

Tealive, South-East Asia’s leading lifestyle tea brand, has teamed up with KITKAT®, the world’s most popular chocolate brand to bring fans in KL a super delicious treat….

Tealive’s KITKAT® Coco Wafer Smoothie is a refreshing reset to your daily routine with a pioneering proposition to “sip and finish your chocolate, smoothie style.”

Created with the all-new KITKAT® spread, Tealive’s KITKAT® Coco Wafer Smoothie tempts you with a delightful balance of crunchy wafer and the signature taste of Tealive.

“This collaboration with the world’s top chocolate brand shows yet again that Tealive delivers on our brand promise of ‘Always More Than Tea’,” said Bryan Loo, founder and CEO of Loob Holding Sdn Bhd.

“Consumers who want the uplifting and refreshing taste of our smoothies filled with milky chocolaty goodness of KITKAT® can now enjoy the best of both worlds – it’s like you can have your chocolate and drink it too!” he quipped….

The KITKAT® Coco Wafer Smoothie series are made with KITKAT® wafer spread with chocolate cookie crumbs…. There are two new drinks launched which are the Signature Smoothie (Chocolate flavoured) and the Berry Smoothie (Strawberry flavoured)….

The drinks are available exclusively at Tealive’s new concept store at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur called Tealive+…..

Tealive+ offers top picks from the Tealive menu reinvented as indulgent, exclusive drinks exquisitely prepared only from this store….

Among them are Cheese Brulee Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls, Bang Cheese Brulee Milk with Brown Sugar Pearls, Dragonfruit Lychee Smoothie with Cheese Mousse, Avocado Choc Smoothie with Cheese Mousse and a full range of drinks with Aren Palm Sugar….

Tealive+ also offers snacks and all-day food items that pair well with Tealive drinks, including Tealive’s very own signature grilled toasts named Toasteas, Mac n Cheese, lasagna and Cheesy Italian Rice Bites….

And yes, I am really loving these delicious snacks loads!!!!

Head over to Tealive+ flagship store now at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and indulge your tastebuds now….

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