Food Review 2022 – SS Cafe Taman Melawati, KL

SSCafe is a family owned simple contemporary cafe in Taman Melawati a few minutes from Melawati Mall that offers fusion classic homemade Malaysian Chinese recipes …

The recipes has been tweaked and fused to make it something that suits our modern day palate and you will seriously be surprised at how good these dishes are… the food here are all pork free and prepared with Halal Ingredients…

For snacks and appetisers we had Kwang Qiang, a Teochew Vegetarian Bean Curd Roll pretty much like Lor Bak but has only veges in it!!!

Then there was the Carrot Cake which was also really flavourful and delicious…

And the Rice Rolls & Siew Mai with Special Soy Sauce was also truly a pleasant surprise and really delicious.. I couldn’t stop eating once I started

For mains, we ordered the Premium Prawn Paste Ball Noodles Soup that came with sambal and also two pieces of Kwang Qiang… lip smacking good and so satisfying!!!!

The Laksa is a unique laksa which in my opinion taste a little bit like the Penang Nyonya Laksa but not the same (just a hint) and it is truly lip smacking good!!!

There is also the Signature Soy Sauce Chicken Leg Rice which comes with a generous whole chicken thigh and hard boiled egg..

The Chilli Prawn with Tumeric Rice, one of SSCafe’s signature dish is a must try!!! It is really superb!!! I kid you not

So is the Minced Beef Dry Noodles!!! It comes served with delicious flavourful minced beef cooked in soy sauce and hard boiled egg and is just so super satisfying… my daughter ordered that and she practically griped at me when I took a few mouthfuls from her plate to try and more…

If you want something light to just snack on, you can try the Signature Egg Toast, basically french toast served with their super unique but mind blowingly delicious signature pineapple jam with tiny bits of pineapple you can taste and bitter sweet Teh Tarik Sauce…

For refreshments, if you are a coffee or tea kind of person, indulge in their kaw kaw Teh Ais, Cham Ais, Kopi Ais or even Iced Chocolate … seriously very flavourful.. and not overly sweet like kedai mamak..

Or if you prefer something different or refreshing I seriously recommend their Wintermelon Soda and Coffee Orange Soda which is truly eye opening and again surprisingly so delicious!!!!

End your meal with some good ol’ style traditional desserts like the Tao Suan or the
Taro Coconut milk with sago… definitely happy ending (the guaranteed satisfying way)

Address – 304 Lorong Perak, Pusat Bandar Melawati, Kuala Lumpur.

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