Food Review 2022 – Ombak Kitchen Lunch Pot Sets

Ombak Kitchen, The Best Seafood Restaurant in Bangsar and KL, is also bow opened in Putrajaya….

Ombak Kitchen serves up The Best Halal Seafood in KL which is affordable and fresh from the sea…. Ombak Kitchen is a family friendly restaurant serving up the famous seafood boil that originally came from the state of Louisiana, USA… The seafood boil concept is used to maintain the freshness and juiciness of the seafood prepared….
Besides the regular seafood spread, Ombak Kitchen is also offering their Ala carte menu where guests can select their favourite seafood with their preferred sauce, and these seafood will be served in colourful pots and bowls.….

Recently, Ombak Kitchen has also introduced a lunch time value meal set called the Lunch Pot which will be available during lunch hour (12pm-3pm)… The Lunch Pot is perfect for 2 people to share and indulge in some quality and delicious seafood….

There are a total of 10 sauces you can choose to have your seafood cooked in!!!

The top 3 favourites are :-

    Authentic soulful cajun sauce made from the unique blend of Cajun spices, paprika, garlic, herbs and Ombak Kitchen very own secret spice mix. This magic spice mixture is then cooked with rich butter to unite the taste.
    Mildly spiced in a rich buttery blend of lemongrass, curry leaf, minced garlic, and creamy milk.
    Moderately spiced and blended with a rich mix of cheese, Cajun spices and fresh lemon juice

Or you can also choose from the Chili Crab, Garlic Butter, Spicy Coconut Curry, Tomato Basil, Meuniere (Butter Lemon Sauce), Heritage Laksa and Salted Egg Cream sauces Ombak Kitchen specialises in….

As for your Lunch Pot, you can choose from these 3 Lunch Pot sets….

Lunch Pot Crab
Ingredients: Crab XL (1/2 nos), Fresh Prawn XL, Squid, Broccoli, Corn and Rice
Price: RM 99.90

Lunch Pot Slipper Lobster
Ingredients: Slipper Lobster, Fresh Prawn XL, Clam Hamaguri, Broccoli, Corn and Rice
Price: RM 89.90

Lunch Pot Prawn XL
Ingredients: Fresh Prawn XL, Squid, Blue Mussel, Clam Hamaguri, Broccoli, Corn and Rice
Price: RM 79.90

Do take the opportunity to add on some of the Fresh Premium Oysters Ombak Kitchen has!!! It is such a good value for money as currently you can get half a dozen / 6 pieces of Fresh Premium Oyster for just RM39.90… (The normal price is RM76.90)

Surprise your friends or loved ones for any celebration or such with the Art of Dessert….

These unique and personalised dessert is made from a selection of fruits and fried Nutella donut, and sauces… the drawing is based on the Chef’s inspiration and creativity or/and you can also request to do it by yourself!!!!

All these and so much more just at Ombak Kitchen, The Best Seafood Restaurant in Bangsar and KL…

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