Food Review 2023 – WHA RONG Mee Tarik and Sichuan Cuisine, 1 Utama PJ

So some of my friends and I were over at WHA RONG restaurant…. This slightly hidden away restaurant is located at 1 Utama Shopping Centre in the little lane outside behind McDonald’s and KFC, where the Flowrider activity and splash pool for kids are…

WHA RONG restaurant serves delicious Mee Tarik and Sichuan hotpot as well as rice and dumplings, meatballs and so on and you can definitely enjoy a taste of Silk Road flavours in every bowl.

The restaurant offers pork and lard free Chinese Cuisine originating from Sichuan , and the ambience is cosy , clean and with two giant pandas on the wall watching you as you happily indulge in the dishes!!!

Sichuan cuisine is known for it’s bold flavours such as Mala – particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic, chilli peppers as well as Sichuan peppers. The Sichuan peppers has an intense fragrant, citrus-like flavour and produces a “tingly-numbing” sensation in the mouth.

The restaurant also serves Sichuan hotpot, the most famous Chinese hotpot, is one of the representative dishes in Sichuan cuisine and yes, with a choice of two flavours!!! The Mala soup with its numb and spicy taste and the flavourful chicken collagen soup

For those with a low tolerance for spicy food or not such a fan of Mala, do try the mee tarik in chicken collagen soup which is just sooo flavourful and satisfying!!!

I am not really a fan of mee tarik but WHA RONG’s mee tarik (hand-pulled noodles – where noodles are kneaded and hand-pulled to achieve its signature slurpy texture) are really very delicious!!!

I particularly love the Mee Tarik with Crispy Chicken Chop in Chicken Collagen Soup

My friends enjoyed the Mala Mee Tarik with Homemade Beef Balls & Beef Slice Combo

And Faiz said the Dry Braised Beef Mee Tarik with Soup Dumpling was good…. It is said that the broth is made braising the beef for 5 hours!!!

Wilson enjoyed the Crispy Fried Mee Tarik with Seafood which I also liked!!!

And the Spicy Diced Chicken was really a treat as well as a slight torture with its spicy numbing effect….

A bit of carbs will hurt no one, so treat yourself to WHA RONG’s pan fried bbq chicken buns for a hearty treat.

We also indulged in Sichuan hotpot… said to have originated more than 1000 years ago with Mongol warriors who ate dinner together in a circle around a pot on the fire while discussing war strategies…

Today, we indulge in the oh so satisfying hotpot with our family and friends over sweet nothings, friendly conversations, family issues and business plans…

Just put whatever you fancy into the hotpot and let it simmer, then dip the cooked food into dipping sauce of your own creation and enjoy…. Yumzzzz

Personally, I love mixing garlic, birds eye chilli, thai green chilli sauce, soy sauce and coriander together from the selection of sauces available….

WHA RONG is considered ‘Muslim Friendly’ (as their halal certification is still under process) but rest assured the food served here are all perfectly safe for Muslims to dine in or take away….

Make your way to WHA RONG and give these delicious Sichuan dishes a try!!! You will definitely love it as I did!!

Address : LG603 & 603A, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya, Selangor (get to the restaurant by taking the little lane between KFC and McDonald )

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