8 things to do and go to when in Negeri Sembilan

So yours truly decided to go along on the #travel2n9 Media FAM trip to Negeri Sembilan… In my opinion Negeri Sembilan is probably one of the overlooked states in Malaysia…because it is pretty much diversified in culture, rich in history and there is just so many beautiful sceneries, beaches and food….

Labuan – Rusukan Besar Island, Papan Island and places of interest in Labuan

The first part to this post can be found here… https://livelifelah.com/2018/05/09/labuan-kampung-layang-layangan-and-palm-beach-resort-spa/ Our 3rd day in Labuan began right after breakfast and like any kid on a field trip, we were all gleeful with anticipation… We got onto our designated shuttle bus with our luggage after saying good bye to the beautiful palm Beach Resort &…