Singapore trip with my daughter – Part 1 (day 1 and 2)

After a lot of planning, my trip with my youngest daughter to my favorite neighboring country happened.. it certainly was harder planning this time around because of currency exchange.

People ask me, why Singapore? I would probably reply… why not? Singapore has always been one of the country which is close to my heart.. I have traveled quite a bit and I do have my top five favorite countries and yes, Singapore features on my top 5…

It is probably because I find it easy running around Singapore, there are no language barriers, barring the same one at home.. that is I can’t speak mandarin or cantonese or indian… so it is a problem… hahahah.. Most Singaporeans speak good English and some Malay as well.. but I think the main thing I like about Singapore is because number 1, it is a very clean country… it is a very FINE country where fines are slapped onto a lot of misdemeanors, from littering, crossing the street at a red light, smoking, etc etc…. Continue reading “Singapore trip with my daughter – Part 1 (day 1 and 2)”

Review: Alpacasso Cafe, AEON Mid Valley

Character cafés have been on the rise and are quite popular as they bring out a person’s inner child, a sense of imagination and love of all things “kawaii”! I have to admit I for one am a huge sucker when it comes to cutesy things, being female (sorry, I really do love my kawaii stuff, even more so then my kids sometimes)….However, most character cafés are only available for a limited time as people tend to get bored once the novelty dies off…. Continue reading “Review: Alpacasso Cafe, AEON Mid Valley”

The importance of Comfortable shoes when traveling

When you are traveling, you will definitely be doing plenty of walking. Walking is, undeniably, one of the best ways to spot the details that bring a destination to life whether you are shopping in the streets of Taiwan, or navigating your way through the medieval temples of Angkor, or visiting Palaces in Seoul. And every traveller will know that an uncomfortable pair of shoes can just spoil your day and your mood. Continue reading “The importance of Comfortable shoes when traveling”

Amazing Deals for The Strand Cruise, Myanmar..


The Strand Cruise is a 28-cabin luxury cruise ship currently plying the waters of Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady River operating three- and four-night itineraries between the ancient cities of Bagan and Mandalay. It was launched last December (2015) and offers perfect warm and dry sightseeing weather (in the month December) and is considered to be an awesome time to visit Myanmar.  Continue reading “Amazing Deals for The Strand Cruise, Myanmar..”

KidZania Kuala Lumpur Open for Adults with Back-2-KidZ ‘Scary Fun Festival’

If you are a mom or a dad or a much elder sibling, and have trailed after your kids / younger brother or sister, whenever they went to KidZania and wondered how it would be like getting to play in such a place or what your kids are up to, here is your chance..

So why not, for one evening, let your hair down and your inner child out and go check out KidZania Kuala Lumpur as they bring back their annual Back-2-KidZ event and this time, they are also ready to spook your socks off in a special edition ‘Scary Fun Festival’ that promises to be fright-tastic! Continue reading “KidZania Kuala Lumpur Open for Adults with Back-2-KidZ ‘Scary Fun Festival’”

EXPLORE + EXPERIENCE: Wellness | Music | Dance

We all need a place to escape to, and for most people, that would be a trip far away in a different place… but did you know, all we need is a change of environment, or a change from the daily activities and daily humdrum of life….

And with that said, the 3rd annual MURFEST (Malaysian Urban Retreat Festival) returns with an awesome line-up of world class presenters, a market place of health and wellness with the JustBe Markets @ Murfest, a glow-in-the-dark dance fitness party, and more…

And it is happening in the heart of KL, very near to KLCC location: you can stretch out to touch KLCC, and lean back to touch the KL Tower! Continue reading “EXPLORE + EXPERIENCE: Wellness | Music | Dance”

Overcoming Chapped lips with Lip Pure

Have you ever noticed that during a trip somewhere or after a trip, you seem to have chapped lips? Well, I have noticed that it happens to me plenty of times… and I found out that the culprit is the air pressure in the cabin, of course….

Image result for aeroplane

Yes, there is no denying there are still plenty of oxygen in a fully airborne plane cabin, but the air pressure somehow keeps us from being able to fully absorb that oxygen that’s freely moving about the cabin into our bloodstream. And with the low cabin humidity our skin starts to dry up, which is why you will find your lips chapped Continue reading “Overcoming Chapped lips with Lip Pure”

“Face Your Fears” at Nights of Fright 4, Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Everyone has something they are afraid of, and well, most of us fear what goes bump in the night…

My youngest daughter has the third eye and can sometimes see spirits, but she was fearful of all the dramatic makeup human “ghosts” creeping around had on. And yes, most of us are also freaked out by psychotic clowns, creepy crawlies and the dark…and yes, there are definitely many of those with the exception of creepy crawlies in Sunway Lagoon as light gives way to the darkness….. Continue reading ““Face Your Fears” at Nights of Fright 4, Sunway Lagoon Malaysia”

Chatime x Kapiti New Zealand Ice Cream

Pssst…. Have you heard of Kapitea, Chatime’s latest collaboration with Kapiti New Zealand Ice Cream? Chatime and Kapiti is now giving you a unique experience for you to discover their new flavourful combination of Kapiti’s creamy ice cream and Chatime’s refreshing milk tea.

It is the most perfect pairing of dessert and drink that is now coupled together, bringing you a new drink called “Floatea” (but I rather call it Kapitea) and you should really experience it….. there are two super yummy flavours… which is the Cocoaberry Floatea and the Purpleberry Milktea Floatea… and you won’t believe the price…they are only RM8.50 each!!!! Seriously!!!!! Continue reading “Chatime x Kapiti New Zealand Ice Cream”

Hotel Review: Legoland Hotel Malaysia: Pirate Room (Halloween)

LEGOLAND Hotel is where kids are the star guests and where memories are created to last.

With a selection of 3 different themed rooms, you live your imagination and enter a world of swashbuckling pirates, brave knights or powerful pharaoh. Continue reading “Hotel Review: Legoland Hotel Malaysia: Pirate Room (Halloween)”

Starhill Gallery’s A Journey Through Time X

If you think you are a big spender, or you enjoy indulging in the finest and best things in life, you would have known or heard that Starhill Gallery is Kuala Lumpur’s ultimate statement of taste and style in food, fashion, living, beauty and art.

Starhill Gallery provides privacy and exclusivity rarely seen in large shopping complexes and has seven themed floors that encapsulate a variety of experiences together with unparalleled dining experiences, some of the world’s most elegant fashion brands including DIOR, Louis Vuitton and Valentino, and exclusive watch and jewellery boutiques such as Bedat & Co. Richard Mille and Rolex. Continue reading “Starhill Gallery’s A Journey Through Time X”

Citrawarna @Kuala Lumpur 2016 – Myth and Folklore

Where politics and religion can tend to create disagreements and a lot of sensitivity, you can always trust sporting events, cultural performances, and dances to bring people together again… when you are at a sporting event, a cultural performance place or a place of performing arts, you will find that you are at peace, you can unleash your senses and feel one with everyone present, no matter what their race or religion is… Continue reading “Citrawarna @Kuala Lumpur 2016 – Myth and Folklore”

The Anam Villas – The First-ever Colonial Beachside Resort in Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam

If you are headed to the tranquil shores of Nha Trang Bay in Vietnam, you really should take the opportunity to check out The Anam Villas, which is the latest beachside resort addition to Worldhotels’ diverse and growing portfolio of independent hotels.


The Anam Villas boast some of the most captivating sunsets over the boundless Pacific Ocean and is located just by a sea of turquoise tinged waters and a 300m stretch of powder-white sands, The Anam Villas introduces their guests to an exuberant resort styled living and brings their motto “No News, No Shoes, No Stress” to life. Continue reading “The Anam Villas – The First-ever Colonial Beachside Resort in Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam”