How Useful is Travel Insurance

Personally, as a travel junkie myself, travel insurance is most definitely worth having. But did you know that you can get free travel insurance by using the right credit card when purchasing your flight tickets? Some of the free travel insurance you get from your credit card covers delays, flight cancellation and even lost baggage.


If you are a traveler or a photographer, or both,  you will surely be needing or on the lookout for some good quality protective travel backpacks and camera bags… I have great news.. Lowepro has just launch their new Multifunctional Lifestyle Bags in conjunction with the popular international brand’s 50th Anniversary celebration at Isetan KLCC.

Fly High & Get Rewarded

Travelling means experiencing new cultures, socializing and expanding one’s horizon… When we travel, we are reminded that the world is such a huge place and there are just so many things we have yet to learn, since life is after all a never ending cycle of learning and improving ourselves… People can change with travelling…