HauntU – The Investigator (The Linc KL)

If you are a fan of the supernatural or a good scare, you should head over to Hauntu, at The Linc, Kuala Lumpur…

Hauntu is a unique blend of live theatre performance, role playing and storytelling that has been put together to provide an engaging experience that’s never been offered before right here in Kuala Lumpur….

Hauntu is not just a haunted house where you go to get jump scares… in Hauntu, there are real actors, audience interaction, intricate mazes and interconnected storylines that centre around a colonial hotel filled with mystery and the paranormal.…

Everyone who goes for the Hauntu experience will be taking on roles within the storylines and also experience Malaysia in different eras from its pre-independence days right up to the present….

You are part of an elaborate horror story in this haunted house and will be experiencing an hour plus of terrifying stories, sinister rituals, and gripping live performances… you are required to work along with the actors and characters but it can be hard to do so because you won’t know who to trust.. and what lies behind the stories and such…

Yours truly was over at Hauntu to experience’The Investigator [1995]’ in which my friends and I were thrown into the roles of a team of paranormal investigators, led by a young leader Rizal, hellbent on uncovering the Colle Eastern Hotel’s hauntings. ..

The team is forced to investigate parts of the hotel that was rumoured to be the most sinister, hoping to capture signs of supernatural activity, but the longer you are in the hotel, you will realise that no one was prepared for what awaits inside The Colle Eastern.

Choose your path wisely. There is multiple endings in this haunted house experience and your decisions will determine your ending, whether you emerge ‘dead’ or alive…. Be observant of every detail delivered by the actors and get your desired outcome….

But never mind the ending as you can always come back to play again for a different ending, but psssttttt, bring your friends and frenemies to have someone to cling to or to offer up as a Hantu sacrifice (hehehehe).  

Hauntu an experiential offering all fans of horror or supernatural should experience and try from Superdough, an international franchise with 10 Breakout escape room outlets globally. Having established the Breakout brand in 2014, Superdough launched HAUNTU, Malaysia and Southeast Asia’s very first fully immersive horror experience, in 2018.

HAUNTU has gone on to achieve considerable success, a testament to the brand unwavering commitment to quality, innovative gameplay. Haunted was the MAPIC Award 2019 Top 5 finalist in the leisure concept category.

HAUNTU , 2-9, Level 2, The LINC KL,360 Jalan Tun Razak,50450, KL

LRT station: Ampang Park

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