3 fun-filled days in Tokyo (itinerary plan)


I love Japan, especially Tokyo.. Tokyo is a fascinating city which can be unbelievably modern, but at the same time it is steeped in serenity and rich in tradition, thus Tokyo attracts millions of tourists each year with the numbers steadily climbing…


With so many exciting places of interest in Tokyo, it can be kinda difficult and confusing for first time visitors, thus here is a simple itinerary I hope which can be of some help…

3 days in Tokyo would be enough if you plan your trip properly, like I did with the help of Agoda Travel Guides

From the website, not only you can find ideas for places to visit for an itinerary, and also the hotels you might like to stay at depending on your budget..

Here is an itinerary idea for a rough 3-day Tokyo trip that allows you to experience the many unforgettable places in Tokyo…

Day 1: Modern Tokyo

8:30am: Take the train or subway to Harajuku. Depending upon where you stay, you’ll probably take the JR Yamanote Line to Harajuku Station or the Chiyoda subway line to Meiji-Jingumae/Harajuku Station.


9:00am: Arrive in Harajuku and do pay a visit Meiji-jingu Shrine..Meiji Jingū is a shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his consort, Empress Shoken.. The spacious shrine grounds offer walking paths that are great for a relaxing stroll..

After visiting the shrine, walk along Omotesando (the main avenue of Harajuku) and check out all the cool shops. Then, walk east all the way to the superb Nezu Museum and it’s a fantastic garden (do not miss the garden!).

11:00am: Walk back to the intersection of Omotesando and Aoyama-dori and take the Ginza subway line west to Ginza.


11:15am: Ginza’s history dates back to the Edo period (1603-1867), but visitors to Ginza will find a modern neighbourhood, pretty much an art and shopping mecca, home to numerous galleries as well as the flagship stores for many domestic and international brands…

Once you are done with window shopping around the area, head over to Tokyo Gallery… this contemporary art gallery which has been opened since 1959 has hosted the works of dozens of internationally-renowned Japanese artists, including Jiro Takamatsu, Kazuo Shiraga, Mono-ha and Taro Okamoto. Tokyo Gallery is located within a 5-minute walk from Ginza Station…The gallery is open Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m


From Ginza Station, take the Hibiya Line subway to Higashi – Ginza Station and visit the Kabukiza Theater to enjoy a performance of traditional Japanese theatrical art, kabuki…. After the show, head upstairs to visit the 5th-floor costume studio and the rooftop garden. Tickets for a single act are available for those who don’t have time to watch a full performance…

Alternatively, you can also visit Agoda’s Travel Guides on more attractions in Ginza!

2.30pm: From the Higashi- Ginza Station, take the Asakusa Line to Shimbashi and change to Yurikamome Monorail line to Daiba

Tokyo, Japan - November 27 2015: A replica of America's famous L

3.00pm : From Daiba Station, you can visit the Odaiba Statue of Liberty: a replica of the famous Statue of Liberty placed in front of the Rainbow Bridge, creating the illusion that it is the same size as the original monument ( 7 x smaller)..

The Odaiba Statue of Liberty is located within a 3-minute walking distance from Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Monorail Line. Just steps away from Daiba Station, you can also drop by the Aqua City Odaiba to do some shopping for fashion, electronics, housewares and more at this futuristic mall.


The Fuji TV Headquarters is also a cool place to visit.. you can find a display hall featuring interesting tv-related exhibits and a light show, as well a spherical observation deck located on the 25th floor of the building to enjoy some panoramic views of Tokyo Bay.

2You can buy memorabilia related to Japan’s most popular TV shows and fictional characters, including One Piece and Dragon Ball Z from the souvenir store on the 7th floor…


Take the Yurikamome Monorail Line to Odaiba-Kaihinkoen Station.. From there, take a 2 minutes walk to the Decks Tokyo Beach, a marine-themed shopping mall is home to 90 specially boutiques offering everything from one-of-a-kind gifts to designer fashions. Also found within the mall are the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, a trick art museum, the Joypolis indoor theme park and a Madam Tussaud’s wax museum….

Day 2: Traditional Tokyo


9:00am: Take the Ginza subway line up to Tokyo’s oldest, brightest and busiest temple which can be found next to Asakusa Station in eastern Taitō.

Built in 645 AD, Sensō-ji sits next to Asakusa Shrine (Asakusa-jinja), a five-story pagoda drenched in Japanese history and folklore. Make your way to the temple grounds through the neighborhood of Kaminarimon, or Thunder Gate, to browse through local wares in dozens of boutiques and street vendor shops.

Then, follow Nakamise Shopping Street to Hōzōmon gate to enter the temple site. Did you know…. Sensō-ji receives 30 million visitors each year and has been named the most visited religious site on the planet…

10:30am: Take the Ginza subway line (three stops west to Ueno).


11:00am: Visit the interesting Tokyo National Museum – Tokyo’s oldest and largest museum, which houses more than 110,000 artifacts and national treasures. It is just a short walk from Ueno Station, and found inside Ueno Onshi Park…  See the historical structures, like the Demon Tile, period teahouses and the Kuromon (Black Gate) around the grounds…


Since you are already at Ueno Park, you can also take the opportunity to visit the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum or Ueno Zoo, which contains the country’s first botanic garden and more than 2,600 animals, at the southwest end of the park…

Follow walking paths around the grounds to learn a samurai’s story at the Saigo Takamori Statue, and paddleboat onto an island in Shinobazu Pond to photograph Bentendo temple…


1:00pm: Get yourself to Tokyo Station by the Jr Yamanote line… Walk east from Tokyo Station (about 10 mins) to the Tokyo Imperial Palace with a wealth of gardens and galleries, with guided tours and castle ruins…

Built in 1457 by Ota Dokan, Edo Castle (also known as Chiyoda Castle) was an important location in the development of Japan. During the Siege of Edo, it was taken over by the Hojo clan, and was later abandoned during the Siege of Odawara in 1590. The castle later became the base of Tokugawa Ieyasu and the Tokugawa Shogunate was formed there, with the castle becoming the military capital.


Visit the East Garden, located in the innermost circles of Edo Castle: the Honmaru and Ninomaru. The Honmaru is a large lawn area and the Ninomaru a manicured garden, creating a great space for escaping the city and relaxing in much-needed nature and exit via the Kitahanebashi-mon.


3:00pm: Walk north through Kitanomaru-koen Park and then visit Yasukuni-jinja Shrine, is a Shinto shrine in central Tokyo that commemorates Japan’s war dead. The shrine was founded in 1869 with the purpose of enshrining those who have died in war for their country and sacrificed their lives to help build the foundation for a peaceful Japan.

Do not miss the controversial and interesting Yushukan Museum at the shrine.

From the Kudanshita station at Shinjuku line, take the train to Morishita Station and change to Oedo Line to Ryogoku station…

6:00 pm: Go watch some sumo wrestling near the Ryogoku station since this is home to National Sumo Stadium Kokugikan (Ryogoku Kokugikan), where sumo matches take place almost every night… Order tickets online, and pick them up at the nearest 7-Eleven. It’s that easy.

7:00 pm: Go watch some sumo wrestling near the Ryogoku station since this is the home to National Sumo Stadium Kokugikan (Ryogoku Kokugikan), where sumo matches take place almost every night… You can book the tickets online and pick them up at the nearest 7-Eleven. It’s that easy.

Day 3: Fun Tokyo – Tokyo DisneySea or Tokyo Disneyland

From Tokyo Station take the JR Keiyo Line to Mahaima Station….

Tokyo DisneySea is a 176-acre theme park whereas Tokyo Disneyland is a 115-acre kingdom of dreams and magic with its seven themed lands which offers fun attractions and rides at the Tokyo Disney Resort located in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, just outside Tokyo…

A must visit for the young and the young of heart when you are in Tokyo, Japan…

If you are looking at exploring Tokyo for more than 3 days, head over to Agoda’s Travel Guide for more information on where to go or what to eat.

OK.. With the above itinerary.. The next question would be where to stay.. And for that I would suggest staying near the Tokyo Station for convenience.. So do check out the Agoda.com and find a hotel which you like and fits your budget…

All the pictures are taken from www.agoda.com and also http://www.google.com, and credit goes to their rightful owners. Photos are just used for illustration purposes.. I do not own these photos…

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