River Cruise Teluk Intan

I have heard a lot about Teluk Intan but there wasn’t quite a time to visit… So when Gaya Travel Magazine and Tourism Perak extended an invitation, I was certainly delighted for the opportunity to discover that this quiet little town had to offer..

Teluk Intan is just about 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur… Teluk Intan is the third largest town in Perak, and it was founded on the banks of Perak River….

There are many colonial buildings and Chinese shophouses, as well as modern buildings and shopping malls here in this town…. But the river that runs through Teluk Intan is just as fascinating as the rest of the town… The Teluk Intan side of the Perak River provides a myriad of activities including fishing, river cruise, bird watching and fireflies watching…

Our River Cruise was by Sahril Pekan Enterprise and we had Mr Sahril as our tour guide too.. He was definitely very knowledgeable and passionate about conserving the biodiversity of Teluk Intan as well as pretty knowledgeable in providing us all the details and facts of the places we passed by…

We were also given lessons on some of the local river economic activities like fishing ship building, fish farming and export of river sand…

We also learnt about the interesting ‘pokok berembang’ / mangrove apple which can be used to catch prawns and where fireflies and monkeys make their home..

While on the River Cruise, we passed by and learnt about
• Floating restaurants

• Temples (Hock Soon Keong Temple, East Sea Dragon King Temple)
• Tilapia fish farms
• Sunken ship boiler(only during low tide)
• Naval Department’s Jetty Shah Bandar
• Historical buildings (Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan, Old Court etc.)

• Deep-sea fishing vessels made from the best wood factories

• Old ferry from Pulau Rawa

• Sand-mining ship
• Sunken train head

And then to Pulau Bangau or Bangau Island, a gazetted birds sanctuary for storks, egrets and herons…

It is an amazing sight when evening comes and you get to view the magnificent sunset and thousands of birds returning to their roosting sites, flying in their special formation and hurrying back to the little island they made their own… You won’t believe your eyes how many birds you can find in the trees on that island…

And when darkness falls, you can continue the trip with a Firefly Watching Tour…

Mr Sahril gave us pretty detailed explanations on the 2 species of Malaysian fireflies, as well as their life cycles and characteristics… (synchronise and non-synchronise flashing fireflies)

You can view both the birds and the fireflies all year round, and the fireflies are just even more obvious on a moonless night, making the mangrove apple trees light up like a Christmas tree….

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I definitely would recommend this 2 – 3hr River Cruise should you visit Teluk Intan!

For more info, contact Mr Sahril at 0125966375 /0135966301


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