Challenging Acrophobia at The Gravityz, The Top, Penang


This is my first time at The Gravityz.. Which is one of the top attraction at The Top, KOMTAR…. the highest building in Penang…

After passing a security checkpoint and a 90-second elevator ride up (this one can be slightly harrowing also since it is an interactive one and when the video it plays ends the elevator goes dark too, first time it did that I was a little shocked) to the 65th floor, we arrived at the entrance of The Gravityz…. One of our friends have turned a deadly shade of pale…

The Gravityz offers activities that are out of the norm, considered by some to be extreme as it involves great heights…. But of course, with great heights, come the privileges of great views and experiences…..

The Gravityz encourages everyone to build their confidence and to take a leap out of their comfort zone, hence their tagline: Beyond Confidence…. The Magic only starts when you take the first step out of your comfort zone!

Initially I was suppose to try it but then when I was visiting Penang and The Top, it was closed for maintenance…

So this time, thanks to  Tourism Malaysia Northern Region and Tourism Malaysia  , I got the chance to try this…


We found our way to the Gravityz counter… We were asked which package we wanted to go for as there were 2 different packages…

I somehow chickened out a bit because of my friends who were terrified of heights…lol… So with that and coupled with time constraint, my buddies and I all agreed we should just do 2 challenges.. The confidence path and high bench which is the Package A (RM79 per person)… (and yes we regretted it… We should have gone the entire way, lol)

Once we have chosen our package and signed the waiver form, we had a little briefing and weighing in… they have weighing scales there…

Note: You are only allowed to participate in The Gravityz if you weigh less than 100 kg and are taller than 100cm.

About 5 minutes later we were strapped into the safety gear: body harness connecting to the safety rope and a helmet, plus a hairnet to wear…

Then it’s off to the departure preparation area where our safety guide fixed us and themselves to the safety line before bringing us out.. There is one safety officer in front and another at our back….


The first obstacle was the Confidence Path which was a pretty narrow iron grid…


There was a nice breeze blowing and the view from the grid was breathtaking!

Once we just got a little stable on the grid, our guide told us to stand on the edge, then to reach one arm and one leg over the edge, fully relying on the safety rope…. Gulp…


Then it was free style… But it made a nice photo we could brag about.. Hahahah…

The second challenge was the High Bench which was of course sitting on the different levels of high seats…


The thrill of sitting on a bench on top of the highest building in Penang with your feet dangling over the edge, watching those buildings and tiny vehicles moving underneath can be pretty scary but also exhilarating!!!


Then we were told to put our feet back inside and lean back out on the benches, holding to the safety ropes… And that was also another level of scary… I mean I have been on many of these obstacle courses and relied on the safety harnesses and ropes holding us up.. But there is still the naughty and evil “What ifs?” playing around in our mind….

With that our little challenge came to an end and we catwalked back the same way we came out on the narrow iron grid… Me, with a promise to go the whole way /the whole course the next visit I make to Penang…


The Gravityz is definitely a must do activity in Penang! It is a truly exhilarating experience and in life, we need to challenge ourselves and our fears from time to time to learn how to appreciate life better….

The full Gravityz’s Ropes Courses consist of 6 obstacles:
Confidence Path
High Bench
A Great Bridge

Address – The Gravityz is located on Level 65 @ The Top, Menara Komtar at Georgetown, Penang Island

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