Backstage at the Phantom of the Opera, Istana Budaya..


Getting to watch the Phantom of the Opera live in Malaysia was already a dream come true… But getting a chance for a mini backstage tour was a surreal experience to say the least…

We gathered at the appointed time at the front of the theatre and were brought inside to the side of the stage…


There, the Phantom of the Opera’s stage manager Sandie Bekavac gave us a quick briefing before letting us off to wander the backstage of the Istana Budaya, which even I was half amazed to find so cavernous and big with 3 stage hands…


We were brought on a quick walkthrough of the show’s hundred over gorgeous, beautifully detailed costumes and props (dead bodies included… Gulp!!! ) and all the other props and stage sets which had been brought into Malaysia by 18 containers from the Marina Bay Sands Theatres, where the Phantom of the Opera was held before it came to Malaysia…


And that was the statue on the rooftop where Christine met up with Raoul… It did seem a little ermm… Naughty?! Hehehe….


We marvelled at the the stage sets, props and equipment hovering high above the stage like the elephant in the first second scene….


.. And stare in wonder at all the periodic costumes we can only see in movies or periodic dramas… As well as the Masquerade mannequins which are used to lined up the masquerade dance scene…

Sandie even showed us two main props in the musical, a toy musical monkey the Phantom owns as well as the little boat he brings Christine on… And let us try carry one of the skirts… Which weight a whopping 15 kg!!!!


It was definitely an experience to cherish and it was fun spotting the props and stage sets we saw backstage in the live musical… Or well, vice versa…

The Phantom of the Opera is performing at Istana Budaya from 18th June up to 7th July 2019, so do not miss out watching this   award winning and totally mesmerising tale…

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