A Musical Christmas at Lot 10 Shopping Centre, KL

For a more hands on Christmas where you  can have fun and make your own music video, do check out the slew of alluring musical instruments  installations at the Lot 10 concourse… my mother was a music teacher and well, even I was not that musically inclined like her – being someone who preferred to listen to music rather than play them, this definitely pique my interest…

Lot 10 used to be my favorite hang out back when I was younger – yeah, how time flies and I am so feeling my age every once in a while…and since then it has underwent a major facelift and is now even more cooler than it used to be, even with the presence of the super exclusive ISETAN Japan…

Anyway, do drop by here to check out the interactive musical instrument installations here and try your hand at playing simple tunes, if you are a beginner – there is a guide in front of the instrument… or if you are a professional, try a more complicated tune… hahaha, I dare you..

Here you can find giant Xylophone which has been created and made from reclaimed wood, Aerophone created from high density polyethylene pipe and Metallophone which has been constructed using notes of tuned anodised aluminium tubes with steel cable suspension and a stainless steel frame…all set among resplendent Christmas trees decked out in sparkling fairy lights and glittering baubles…

Be sure to make your music video and upload it to Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur Facebook page and who knows you could just walk away with some cool prizes…

While you are checking fun and collecting memories and picture perfect moments there, spare a thought or two for the under privileged kids with the ‘Make A Child Smile This Christmas’ campaign Lot 10 is having….

Log into to www.charwiki.com and buy some gifts to fulfil some kid’s wishes that are highlighted there… wishes include stationaries, a new school uniform, a day out at the zoo and the list goes on….

Ten shelter homes around the Klang Valley will be benefiting from this campaign… namely, Rainbow House, Charis Hope Learning Centre, Yayasan Sunbeams Home, IQ70plus – Malaysian Association for the Guardians of the Intellectually Challenged, United Learning Centre, House of Joy, Hriphi Community School, Rumah Jaireh, Rumah Victory Children and Youth Home and Divine Mercy Boys Home… Charwiki will ensure the gifts will be donated directly to the homes and the donors notified as soon as the gifts has been received by the children…

There was also a Christmas Hope Bazaar that was organised by YTL Foundation in conjunction with 54C and The YTL Learning Space where unique handmade items by the underprivileged children were on sale alongside hand crafted jewellery, mushroom growing kits, Christmas deco and other things… all proceeds were then channelled to the underprivileged kids…

Be sure to check out the Christmas Carolling by the Christmas Carol choir at the concourse every weekend or busking performances during weekend evenings..

Do check out the unique Christmas gifts from the booths at the concourse area where you can find specials by UniqTee, Omorose Cosmetics, Swee Lee Music and Stick Arts café…

I was over at the Stick Arts café where they served up some of their choiciest coffee and tea  served in the most adorable tea pots and beautiful 3D/4D gelato, lovely Belgium pralines and so on…

I had a unique tea called the Barley Coffee as it did kinda taste like coffee… and loved the cake in the jar, lovingly created by the lovely Chef Lenora….

For more info, do check out www.facebook.com/lot10kl

Address  – 50, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

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