Review 2019 – Dinner in the Sky, KL


I finally got to enjoy the full Dinner in the Sky (DITS) experience with Zol, one of my closest friends.. and I also took the opportunity to celebrate his birthday (in advance, duh, Ramadhan is just tomorrow and his birthday falls in Ramadhan)

Anyway DITS was set up at an empty parking lot along Jalan Bukit Bintang… you cannot miss it as it is just right next to the huge aircraft stranded semi – permanently there along Jalan Bukit Bintang, it’s sister experiental dining experience known as Plane in the City… and you cannot miss the huge hydraulic crane there either…

The dining area is a large rectangular table, with automotive racing kind of seats with safety belts and the huge yellow hydraulic crane that will be holding the table with cables…..

Fret not, though DITS safety measures are top notched….


Seated guests will be strapped into their seats by safety crew members while the crew and safety supervisor are secured by safety harnesses all the time during the flight….

The safety supervisor cum deejay and photographer will brief patrons about all the safety regulations prior to the flight and will be in constant communication via walkie talkie with the crane operator and ground crew for your smooth experience which has been approved by TÜV SÜD, the German organization that validates the safety of products of all kinds to protect humans and the environment from any hazard…



Diners are required to be at the waiting lounge inside a fancy, comfortable marquee an hour ahead time or risk being left out if late…


When we arrived at the “Terminal”, we were asked our names and then we had to sign an indemnity and waiver form…


Just before your experience, the crew members will advice you to use the toilet and then put your personal belongings in the lockers provided… (no bags, wallets and purses are allowed up in the sky)

Then we were ushered one by one to the table… When all the guests were already strapped in, the safety personal will triple-checked to ensure that we were fastened securely in our seats, before we were lifted off the ground…


The ascencion was definitely smooth and while listening to the latest music and listening the safety supervisors briefing, before we knew it, we were already about 45 to 50 metres above the ground….


..the crane stopped and we were dangling high up in the sky, surrounded by the surrounding Bukit Bintang skycrapers including the TRX (and brightly litted cranes in the near distance) Petronas Twin Towers playing peekaboo, Pavilion Hotel and towers and so on.

Most of the diners were taking photos and videos of the breathtaking sights of KL city… the Safety Supervisor told us we could swivel or recline our chairs! Ermm… swivel yes… recline, I don’t think so…hahaha – I might be brave but I still am a bit of a chicken at some point…



Then we were served our first course – Appetizer comprising of Feta Cheese with Arugula, Romaine Lettuce, Sliced Almond, Pink Grapefruit, Orange, Sherry Vinegar Dressing and Green Apple… (don’t ask me why these fine dining dishes come with super long names)


The official caterer is Elements Kuala Lumpur… when you make your reservation online, you will be asked about your preferred main course. There were 3 options: Beef, Chicken, Fish…



I opted for Fish (Pan Roasted Deep Ocean Snapper with Wilted Locally Sourced Amaranth Cress, Mediterranean Nonpareille Capers and Sauce Vera Cruz) for my main course while Zol had Beef (Black Currant and Soy Braised Angus Beef Cheeks with Mustard Seed Caviar,  Poached Bok Choy and Purple Potato Puree)….


The dishes were all well-presented and food tasted yummy with a burst of flavours in your mouth….even the dessert the Nitro Poached Coconut Milk Espuma, Kaffir Lime Leaf Oil and Velvety  Strawberry Coulis… (sweet, sour, bitter but tasty)


Then we had our little birthday celebration.. apparently there were 2 other people celebrating their birthdays and two wedding anniversary couple…


You can add on a slice of Genoise Au Chocolat Celebration Cake at RM49.00… (yup, again kinda pricey but… the other person will remember having their birthday in the sky for a long time to come..)


It was a beautiful and unforgettable, experience, made even better with the fair weather since it was pouring cats and dogs a couple of hours earlier (and we did get somewhat worried)…

Because of safety and the potential liability that comes with this one-hour, three-course dinner experience in the sky, the price is also kinda pricey… since it costs RM369 per person…

However, you and your best friend/partner/other half/ parent will be getting an unforgettable and priceless experience to remember and cherish in months and years to come…



And since my other bestie and I did not get to do the Aircraft wing walk for our Plane in the City experience, Zol and I went on to indulge ourselves with that rare experience too.. which was truly fun…

Address – 231, Bukit Bintang Street, 55100 Kuala Lumpur


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