My Gunung Lambak experience

My trip with the Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia team’s Northern Johor chapter took us to Kluang… and when we googled what to do in Kluang, the first thing on the list of trip advisor was Gunung Lambak…


Apparently it is one of Johor’s hidden gems.. and this small mountain is located in a pretty cool recreational park and is said to be great for hiking.

From Kluang town, the distance of Gunung Lambak is around 2km…

Hiking… hmm.. I have tried hiking and I fear my endurance level and also energy was hardly enough to reached the summit… I know I only managed 3/4 way up to Gunung Ledang first check point and again 1/4 way up Gunung Raya on the Tangga Helang Seribu Kenangan before my heart felt like bursting and I did not think I could carry on… so I did not quite think I could make it to the top.. but well, I was still in for a challenge or a try…

Gunung Lambak is definitely a great place if you are looking for a place in Johor to work out your body muscles… both for the arms and your legs…

It rained just before we arrived at the foot of Gunung Lambak…


The hike began when we crossed two hanging rope bridges which was somewhat annoying since my team mates tried their best to make it as bouncy as they can, making crossing over a dizzying feat…


…and what started off as 6 brave people attempting to hike up the mountain, dwindled down to 4, as 2 gave up after seeing the track we were going..

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So it was left to just Didin, Jaslin, Aizul and me…


At the start, the paths are paved and you get steps and railings leading up, though it was wet since it rained minutes ago… the path is nicely shaded so this is the most preferred track for the locals..


However the steps end at some point and you are left with only a trail and ropes that marks the beginning of the steeper climb and your guide up the mountain with occasional signages on trees..


We were all panting along the trek up and I was tired… so very tired… I was ready to give up and wait for the others to come down, but Jaslin and Aizul refused to let me do so.. and that coupled with meeting a few senior locals renewed my determination to try to get to the top..

..what the heck.. if a 71 year old man can go up so fast and come down while we were struggling up the hill… so can I right… huhu

Anyway, since we were earlier at Gunung Ledang and the rangers there reminded me that when you are out of breath hiking up a mountain, you should practise breathing in through your nose and breathing out through the mouth-just like when we are swimming, something which helped


The hike is however an amazing opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature at its best from this point onwards and you can stop along the way to gasp in the fresh air of the forests…



And yes, while in the jungle, be sure to be respectful and not do anything untoward, as there is something which will be watching.. and there IS something watching… see pic above… 😓 so that is why we have to be respectful and ‘bagi salam‘ if need be…

The jungle terrain can get hot and steamy because, it is also because we are exerting so much energy… we got to meet a giant centipede along…

Though it’s only 510m (1670ft) in height, Gunung Lambak can make you really sweat, I was really sweating like a pig and all red faced when I got to the peak which was the Telecom Tower..

Along the way, some parts can be pretty challenging, especially the coming down part and you need to maintain a solid foothold so as not slip and fall.


I was practically grabbing at all available ropes, tree branches and tree trunks.. while getting a helping hand from Jaslin and Aizul who were really looking out for me too…if you are reading this, thanks guys.. couldn’t have done it without you…


The view from the top is quite mesmerizing and breathtaking, and definitely is worth the effort of climbing to the top..

Address – Gunung Lambak Recreational Forest, 86000 Kluang

Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia is organised by, and supported by Tourism Malaysia.

Special thanks to Tourism Malaysia Johor for accompanying us, and also thanks to Canon Malaysia, Yushaz Car RentalKaseh HQ, Avox StreetwearMarini Naturale Magic888tea for being our sponsors and believing in us…

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