Pinky the Gibbon makes a new home on an upcycled floating island…

The Lar Gibbon (Hylobates lar), is an endangered primate in the gibbon family, Hylobatidae..  This breed of gibbon has black, dark-brown to light-brown, sandy coloured fur, white hands and feet, and a ring of white hair surrounding its black face….

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia has one such gibbon who is 15 years old, named Pinky, and recently, Pinky was moved from her spacious home in cage to an equally spacious and even more interesting place… She has moved to a private island now, lovingly and painstakingly built by recycled waste, soil and plants- an open air man-made island given the name Upcycled Floating Island. 

I don’t know about you but seriously, I am impressed and I really hope and wish more people will build more of these islands around…

This unique and ultra cool man-made Upcycled Floating Island was made to help promote the United Nation’s global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)…

The construction of this amazing island was made with recycled waste such as Styrofoam pieces, plastic bottles & chlorine drums. This project is aligned with Sunway Group’s vision and mission towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which is Goal 15: Life on Land, to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems….

Sunway Lagoon’s Gibbon Island is the result of 14 months of experiment and construction by a team of eight people at a cost of RM150,000.00, following the collection of wastes weighing more than 300 kilogrammes….

The unique thing about this island is that it’s floating and Pinky’s caretakers / Sunway themed parks zookeepers will have to take a boat to the island to ensure Pinky’s needs are taken care of….

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia hopes that this man-made island can create awareness of the many ways we can protect this living space of ours before it becomes just a sphere of plastic or waste….

At the same time, Sunway Lagoon also introduced their Fish Feeding experience, with visitors getting to wade onto a platform in the lake to feed the fishes as well as curious swans…

The Sunway Lagoon Lake was classified as being in a Mesotrophic state since it was previously a tin mine, which means it has a moderate concentration of nutrients, such as phosphates, nitrates and other chemicals. This overload of nutrients can fuel explosive weed growth and harmful algal blooms, making it more vulnerable to stress and higher risk of being polluted.

Because of that, Sunway Lagoon has rehabilitated the lake utilising an innovative diffuser technology which was installed in 2011 to introduce compressed air into the bottom of the lake followed by dosing beneficial bacteria and enzymes….

The water from the lake has since been used for watering the entire landscaped area in Bandar Sunway and is now home to several breeds of freshwater fishes such as the Malaysian Red Mahseer (kelah merah), Jawa Barb (lampam jawa), Rohu, Bala Shark (ikan hias tutung), Sultan Fish (jelawat), Giant Gourami (ikan kaloi), Arapaima, Bighead Carp, Tinfoil Barb (lampam – ikan hias) and plenty of coloured japanese carps…

So it can be fun waiting to see which fish is willing to come to you for some fish pellets… Alternatively, you can also take a pontoon ride around the lake..

The pontoon is a pretty big platform/  boat and it is pretty calming taking this slow ride to get a closer glimpse of Pinky….

Check out these exciting new additions to Sunway Lagoon, please visit

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