Hotel Review 2022 – Rebak Island Resort, Langkawi

To most of us Malaysians Langkawi can be considered a tropical paradise to get away from the humdrum of city life…. And it was just that for me…

That was until I met and fell in love with Rebak Island Resort, on my latest trip to Langkawi… like one of the popular one island one resort place in Pangkor, Rebak Island Resort is a 390-acre private island off Langkawi….

To get to Rebak island from the airport will be an approximately 20 minutes ground transfer from Langkawi International Airport to Cenang Terminal and then followed by a 07 minutes scheduled private shared boat ride from Cenang Terminal to Rebak Island….

A stay at Rebak Island Resort is the definition of luxury. The resort is split into 2 wings, the first containing traditionally-inspired wooden chalets while the second has more modern concrete chalets, still fitted with Malay-style wooden furniture. Guests in both wings wake up meters away from waves gently lapping at the shore. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Premium Sea View Room

Phase 2 – Concrete Chalets Premium sea view Rooms are about 48 sqm and give you a stunning view of the Senari Straits….

Rebak Suite

The Rebak Suite is a 76 sqm suite that offer direct access to the beach… the suite is stylish and would be ideal for honeymoon …

Senari Suite

My home for the duration of 2 nights was at the lovely and super spacious (125 sqm) Senari Suite…

I was truly startled to open my hotel room door to a huge apartment with a living room / dining area, lovely bedroom with a four poster bed, an equally huge bathroom and a large private sit-out space offering a panoramic view of the Senari Strait bordering the Andaman sea. 

Built with Chengal timber, the suite offers a classy mix of contemporary furnishings and traditional Malaysian architecture. The ambience is taken up a notch with original batik creations hanging on the walls. 

The room comes equipped with an LCD television, a minibar and bathrooms with a bathtub.

There are two large breezy sit-out areas or balconies that let you indulge in tropical living by offering a panoramic view of the Senari Strait, white sandy beaches, and lush tropical landscape….


The east-facing main beach is said to reward those who get out from bed early with gorgeous sunrises (on a good day) over the Andaman Sea set against the romantic Moon Deck and the 500-million-year-old mountains of mainland Langkawi. I wasn’t so lucky in that aspect as the sun was feeling a little shy and resorted to playing peek-a-boo behind the clouds instead with some drizzles…

Relaxing is or getting lazy is the thing to do on a private island!!!! Lazing in your room or on the beach or by the pool…. But if you are an active person who likes to be on the move, Rebak Island Resort has some jungle trail loops, a mini fitness centre, tennis court, squash and bicycles for rent… there’s also a lot of games near the reception area from traditional Congkak to board games and such, a library, a pool table and a kids room

Oriental Pied Horbills

There are also yoga activities and nature walks to look for local monkeys, hornbills or monitor lizards basking in the mangrove forest…. My favorite sightings were of a couple of Oriental pied hornbills, and of course the kind-of-friendly resident monitor lizard… they might look scary to some people but they are used to humans and won’t bother you if you don’t bother them…

Fried Tom Yam Beehoon
Penang Fried Koay Teow

As for meals, Senari Restaurant serves pretty delicious meals from your daily buffet breakfast to Ala Carte meals during noon or in the evening… The cocktails and mocktails are also really good!!!

Red Rock Beach – Photos by Hafiz /Rebak Island Resort

Andddd, you won’t believe this place exist in Langkawi!!!! At first glance I thought it was a photo of some Aussie beach (Philip Island, Victoria /New South Wales)or even Santorini….but no, it is here at Rebak Island!!! I kid you not!!!!

Red Rock Beach – Photos by Hafiz /Rebak Island Resort

Yeah if you are here at Rebak Island be sure to head on a little hike to the Red Rocks Beach there… you will not regret this (but will regret it like I did .. I did not bring a pair of shoes to go for the hike)

Red Rock Beach – Photos by Hafiz /Rebak Island Resort

The Red Rock Beach is located at the west coast of the main Rebak Island. It is reachable either by boat and by trekking through the forest from the Resort. The trail is the home to many flora and fauna including hundreds of species of plants & ferns. Common mammals include monkeys, bats, reptiles and birds… The walk will take approximately 45 minutes to reach the beach. Reaching the beach during low tide will allow you to explore the cave there!!! Definitely an instaworthy spot!!!

The Red Rock Beach is faces the open sea towards Thailand…. And since it is the first beach encountered before reaching Langkawi Island, the beach acts as the garbage trap for most of the floated waste….

As an effort to reduce the garbage, the Resort’s Team Members visit the Red Beach every Saturday afternoon and return with bags of garbage for recycling…. You can probably also ask to tag along…

You can do this mini hike tour with a guide for just RM350 for a group of 10 max!!!

Prices for an unforgettable stay at Rebak Island Resort begins from as low as RM331

For more info, do head over to

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