ETW 11 – Kuala Selangor

From Hulu Selangor, our Eat Travel Write 11 journey continued with traffic police escort as well as the JPAM (Malaysian Civil Service) towards Kuala Selangor where we had some pretty interesting experiences and of course plenty of great food….

Here is a rundown of what we experienced and of course tried and tasted, thanks to UPEN Selangor and also the amazing team from Gaya Travel…

What to do – Fun ride through Sekinchan Paddy Fields and Village

Sekinchan translates to ‘village suitable for plantation’ in the Chinese language.. And yes, Sekinchan proudly produces one of the highest yields of rice in Malaysia with about 4,300 acres of land dedicated just for paddy fields and fruits.

One of the things you can do is to rent a bike and cycle around the paddy field to enjoy the paddy field view, water irrigation canal, wooden bridge, storks and owls, farmers and harvest machines….

Cycling? Oh no.. I am one of those dunces that actually can’t cycle or actually balance on the bicycle to save my life and it was a horrifying idea to cycle at a paddy field… But… AMG bicycle shop surprised us with having special bicycles for 4 or 6 people, and yes, I was merrily cycling along with my friends… And it certainly was an amazing experience and a good workout!!!! So yes, highly recommended!!!!

Address – AMG Bicycle Renting, No 8-C, Jalan Menteri, Sekinchan, Selangor

Tel: 0192416045 (Mr.Foo) or 0163471211(Ms.Lee)

What to See /Experience – Barongan /Kuda Kepang at Kampung Bukit Cerakah

Kuda Kepang and Barongan are usually associated with having strong elements of trance and totemic worship, thus banned from some areas… Though fascinating and beautiful to watch, it can definitely raise the hair at your neck too with the dancers in trance’s scary behavior….

The Barongan is said to depict the dance of a hybrid (or mystical multifaceted) creature of diverse origins.

One of the legend combines the features of a tiger and a peacock that were said to dance on the back of the Prophet Solomon. Then Ganung, a lady-in-waiting joined them and the Barongan dance was created.

Another tale tells of a man who often amused himself by teasing fairies. The fairies became so angry with him that they turned him into a Barongan creature cursed to forever follow the Kuda Kepang.

The Kuda kepang on the other hand consists of nine dancers or ‘horsemen’ usually Malays of Javanese origin who ride woven bamboo-made and colourful horses. When performing, the dancers often go into a trance. While in a trance, the dancers display unusual powers, such as peeling coconut husks with just the teeth and eating glass.

However, the Kuda Kepang Association here at Kpg Bukit Cherakah avoids the darker version of the Kuda Kepang and keeps their performance light, clean and just purely performing arts… Perfect for everyone from kids to the faint hearted adults…

Address – Kpg Bukit Cherakah, 45800 Jeram

Where to get Refreshments – Mango King

Mango King is simply a corner house where the front yard is turned into a small business selling mangoes as well as some other locally grown fruits…

Mango King is famous for their Mango Smoothie served with a sprinkling of plum or assam boi powder… You can choose to drink it there but…. for some, people might find it uncomfortable and unpalatable to enjoy the mango drink there since the smell of stinky taufu is also permeating the air there….

Address – 48, Lorong Empat, 45400 Sekinchan

Where to Eat – Warong Soto

We were warned that the Soto here is famous.. And so, we could not resist ordering the soto special, which comes with begedil (potato meatballs), chicken, home grown beansprouts and noodles, and it was good…. Really goood…

Then they served up some pecal, a Malay-Javanese kind of appetizer, made from combining tempeh (fermented soya beans), nasi impit (rice cakes), long beans and bean sprouts brought together by a generous pouring of peanut sauce…..

Address – Lot 321, Batu 2, Pasir Penambang, 45000 Kuala Selangor

What to Try – Ratu Kapit Station

Kuih Kapit is a crispy kind of festive delicacy served for special festive occasions and Ratu Kapit makes with a modern electronic “baker” as opposed to the traditional coal burner…

Kuih Kapit is known as egg rolls or “love letters” and the uniqueness of Ratu Kapit is that it is made with a variety of fillings : durian, peanut butter and chocolate, as well as hundred thousand sprinkles, choc chips, etc…

Address – Lot 591-A1, Batu 2, Jalan Kuala Selangor – Teluk Intan, Kampung Permatang, 45000 Kuala Selangor

What to Eat – Ketam Merah Cabin

The Ketam Merah Cabin restaurant is a restaurant built using several containers… The result is simple but kind of fancy restaurant with 3 floors that serves up some pretty delicious seafood..

We had steamed Sea Bass, Sweet and Sour Sea Bass, buttered prawns, tomyam seafood, mixed vegetables, tempuraed squid and Chilli Crabs…

The kampung house and the forested area behind the home are actually home for the silver leaf monkeys and you could just catch glimpses of these pretty but shy monkeys …

Address – 12, Jalan Parit 2 Sungai Burung, Kampung Sungai Burung, 45400 Tanjong Karang

What to Eat – Auntie Foo Kopitiam
Auntie Kopitiam Kuala Selangor is located at the town center of Kuala Selangor, near Bukit Melawati.

Kopitiam is a traditional coffee shop where people go to for meals and beverages…

Menus typically feature simple offerings: a variety of foods based on egg, soft boiled eggs, toast, and kaya (a local jam made from coconut milk and eggs), nasi lemak (rice dish cooked in coconut milk), curry laksa, coffee, tea, and Milo…

Address – C-3 , Jalan Sultan Ibrahim, 45000 Kuala Selangor

What to Eat – Restoran D’Bagan Awang
When some people say those hole in a wall establishments serve the best foods, this restaurant fits the bill perfectly.

We tried their Nasi Klumban, a Javanese sharing platter with sambal kelapa, fried fish, fried tempeh, salted ducks egg, meant to be shared among a few people as to encourage socialising and unity…

For lunch we had some of their specialities.. Traditional curry fish and assam pedas fish, and stir fried vegetables which were simply delicious…

Address – Jalan Pawang Ghaffar, Kampung Bagan Sungai Buloh, 45800 Jeram

Where we Stay – Grand Kapar Hotel, Kuala Selangor

The Grand Kapar Hotel Kuala Selangor takes the effort to make guests feel comfortable by providing comfortable and clean rooms and free Wi-Fi in all rooms

The Grand Kapar Hotel is located nearby some popular tourist attractions, such as Pantai Remis, Bukit Malawati & Fire Flies Kuala Selangor and Birdwatching. It just take 10 minutes from our hotel to Pantai Remis and 25 minutes to Kuala Selangor.

Since I was rooming with Sienny and Jas, the 3 of us stayed at their Superior Family Room that came with a King sized bed and another Queen bed.. The room was pretty generous in size and very cosy..

Website –
Address – 41, Jalan Melati 3/17, Bandar Melawati, 45000 Kuala Selangor

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