#CarryYourLife #AnywhereWithGL – Gaston Luga Biten

Say hello to the new love of my life… Gaston Luga Biten back pack…

Comfort is by far the most important factor in choosing a backpack. If it hurts your back, or your shoulders when you are carrying it for long hours, you’re not going to like it much or use it often….

My beautiful Scandinavian designed back pack comes with adjustable padded straps for me to wear it comfortably and reduce any strain on your back or shoulders…

My Gaston Luga Biten even has a slip-over strap which means it can be attached to my luggage for long distance travel…

Quality backpacks are crafted using durable materials and the Gaston Luga Biten is crafted from Polyester, PU leather which makes it durable for usage over the years…

Just so you know… Polyester has a higher resistance to ultra-violet (UV) degradation than nylon… Backpacks made of polyester can also hold color well (meaning they can be very vibrant in color)….

Gaston Luga Biten combines form and function and comes with an inner padded laptop compartment as well as an extra one outside to help ensure your electronic equipment are securely fastened from jostling around in your bag…

As a woman, I ways like my bags with multiple compartments to store and easily access my items like key, LRT card, and other utilities….

The more compartments and pockets in a backpack – the better the distribution and accessibility of your items.

Gaston Luga Biten comes with two open side pockets on the side for me to put a bottle of mineral water in one and my hand sanitizer in the other…

There is also a small pocket at the back of the backpack, the GL signature passport pocket inside, and an outer zipper pocket on the front with additional magnetic strap closure for your make up, money, cards etc…

I am seriously so in love with this bag because it is light enough at 0.8kg so I can use it for daily work purposes and it is big enough (17.5 litres) even for my overnight trips / hotel staycation bag..

Dimensions (cm) 38 x 26.5 x 17.5
Net Weight 0.8 kg
Inner Volume 17.5L

I have a coupon code “livelifelah15” that you can use for 15% off any items purchased storewide….

And psst…. Gaston Luga offers free delivery and returns

So what are you waiting for…. Go check out all the fabulous Scandinavian designed backpacks Gaston Luga has….

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