Food Review 2022 – NelayanKu, Bukit Jalil, KL

If you are a foodie and you happen to like seafood or fish, you really have to make a trip to NelayanKu in Bukit Jalil and savor the “umami taste of fish” as well as the “Taste of the Sea”..

NelayanKu restaurant is pretty family friendly, and even comes with a fun photowall and SOP seatings….

NelayanKu serves fish based food are incredibly delicious and “good-looking” and what’s even better is that it’s ‘original’ in taste & organic, and the soup does not contain any MSG !!!

NelayanKu serves natural and healthy fish meals! And each and every bowl of soup is made with fish bone stock which has been made purely from fresh fish bones with 8 hours of simmering to produce an aromatic bowl of essence, without any additional MSG or preservatives and absolutely no fishy smell…..

NelayanKu also offers fish noodles, fish rice, fish dishes, everything from fish…. The fish or seafood are supplied from their own farm and processing factory through to the dining table….

Thus, the quality of fish is assured. You get to enjoy real healthy fish meals with freshness and nutrition… The original fish bone stock is also evolved into curry, golden and hot and sour flavors after continuous and stringent research and development and food tasting.

The results? Soup which are so delicious and irresistible that you cannot stop slurping it until the bowl empties….

I also ordered their Fisherman’s Choice Sea Treasure Abalone Soup RM48, which came double boiled for over 8 hours with abalone, scallops, sea cucumber, shiitake mushroom which was just superbly good to the last drop

Some of the signature dishes of NelayanKu are the Fisherman Golden Soup Ramen, Fisherman Curry Rice and MyFisherman Wing RM18.90 .

There are 4 different types of set meal for you to choose from priced from RM22.90 inclusive of a drink (Chrysanthemum , Golden Barley or LemonGrass)

But if you have your own preference, you can just mix and match your favourite carbohydrates (noodles or rice), soup base, fish type and seafood…. Alternatively, you can also skip the carbohydrates…

Some of the other finger food that are just equally delicious and irresistible are the Fish Otak-Otak (presented in small cubes, so you get to taste the freshness of each bite) RM13.90, Golden Right Leg (prawn legs) RM8.90

Satay lovers might like a unique twist with the Fish Skewer Set which comes in 3 assorted flavours – Lemongrass, Tumeric and Hot & Spicy RM26.90

NelayanKu’s Curry Fish Head RM69.90 is prepared using Giant Tiger Grouper fish head with their signature curry and is best served with rice or even mantou or bread, should you choose to bring home…

Even the MyFisherman Collagen desserts which are RM9.90 each have been uniquely formulated from real fish scales which has been grounded to fine powder and which is just so rich with collagen and comes with 5 assorted flavours namely Red Dates, Steamed Egg, Chrysanthemum, SourSop and PassionFruit …

these desserts are so healthy and helps improve our hair, skin and nails, our gut health, strengthen our joints and bones and also promotes anti aging…

The food we ate was seriously so full of goodness and so good we could not resist bringing some of the packed ready to heat and eat fish dishes home too…

Yeah they have a small mart selling frozen seafood, fresh oysters and lobsters as well as ready to heat and eat dishes….

NelayanKu is open daily from 9am to 10pm.

If you are coming to NelayanKu for dining, it is recommended that you park your car at the basement parking lot of Bukit Jalil Commercial Center (park at pillar labelled “C”).

If you come shopping at Pavilion 2, you can choose to park in Pavilion. Go to the level 3, look for Inside Scoop and take the mall exit, walk across the road, you can see NelayanKu.

If it rains, still at Pavilion 2? No problem! Go to level 3, look for Inside Scoop, go down to level 2 using the escalator in front of it. At the escalator, make a right U-turn. You will see the exit of B1 and walk out. Any elevator opposite can reach NelayanKu.

Waze drive to NelayanKu, Bukit Jalil:

If you don’t want to dine in, you can order online and choose to pick up or delivery. Please use the link below to place an order:

For any enquiries, Whatsapp: 012-9877 855

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