Food Review 2022 – The Mesh Restaurant, Four Points by Sheraton Desaru, Johor

As mentioned before over at Four Points by Sheraton Desaru, there is one restaurant to rule them all… (oops, I did it again)… I mean the dining space which is the place to be for settling those hunger pangs or to have your complimentary buffet breakfast and to unwind….

And seriously, the food and drinks they serve here is reallyyyyyyyy good!!!! Among the best hotel food I ever had!!!! Even better then some notable five star hotels…

On our first afternoon there, we got to taste their afternoon high tea set which came served in a lovely wooden square shelf filled with delicious Smoked Salmon and Sour Cream Croissant, Open Face Multigrain with Brie & Onion Jam, Wagyu Sliders, Tuna & Egg Kyuri Rolls, and some cheese, fruits, and chocolates….

So super satisfying if you ask me as it comes with your favorite choice of coffee or tea!!!

The Mesh offers traditional Malaysian flavours fused with modern international favourites. The Mesh Salad is refreshingly tasty and good…

And I was recommended to trying the 24-hour Slow Braised Short Ribs that is inspired by Bak Kut Teh (but the halal version) .. the first thing in my mind when they recommended it was “hmmmph” as I wasn’t really a fan of red meat… and the first sight of it was a bit scary as it was this huge portion of black coloured short ribs with mash potatoes and charred kai lan, yup… charred!!!

However the meat was just sooo tender the knife practically went through it like butter.. and the mashed potatoes was definitely the smoothest and tastiest mash potato side I’ve tasted in a decade…. I seriously want more!!!! And if you have read this and going to Four Points by Sheraton Desaru, you really have to try this and thank me later!!!!

End your meal with their signature TSP (Tau Sar Piah) Cheesecake, which is a freshly baked dessert with Mung Beans crust … definitely another winner!!!!

If you’re a coffee-lover, take your pick of artisan coffee or order a coffee-based cocktail. They serve some mean good coffee here like the Coffee Culture Cocktail K&B Affogato Nitro …

The Mesh Smoothie is definitely a great choice for healthy or health conscious guests… it is so yummy I ordered it a few times….

The Seafood Grill was definitely irresistible with generous portions of snapper, salmon, flat head lobster and udang galah … loved the freshness of the seafood and the seasoning which was just superbly delicious and flavourful…

Some of the other dishes which are really good are the Penang Styled Fried Koay Teow with fish, prawn and duck eggs… it’s really good!!!

The Ginger Scallion Snapper , a healthy selection since it’s steamed with ginger and scallion and comes served with Jasmine rice and Choy Sum… just the right flavours without being too salty …

That was all I had… would have love to eat more but sadly my stomach is just that small and my budget smaller… hehehehe … shhh but seriously!!! The Mesh Restaurant serves up seriously good food you all really need to try!!!!

Jalan Kempas 2, Taman Desaru Utama
81930 Bandar Penawar
Johor, Malaysia
TEL 07 8328888

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