Legoland Malaysia’s SEA Life

Having never stepped foot into Legoland Malaysia’s SEA Life, I was pretty thrilled to be able to finally explore it… the aquarium does kinda feel a lot smaller or maybe it is about the same size as Aquaria KLCC?! But then, I find SEA Life interesting too as its own unique features, like giant Lego figurines and such

SEA Life Malaysia offers an “up-close ocean experience through magical storytelling, interactive displays, and hands-on encounters.”

The attractive and cute display will probably inspire children to learn, love and care for the ocean….

SEA Life showcases more than 25 display tanks in 11 habitat zones, featuring 13,000 sea creatures from 120 species!

Among the habitat zones are the :-

Here you can get hands on! You are allowed to touch and feel some of these incredible coastal creatures and learn how they survive in extreme conditions.

Have you ever wanted to stroke a starfish, tickle a sea cucumber? Listen to the expert who will be supervising how you can touch the rockpool creatures safely for both you and the creature and learn more about these fascinating micro-habitats and the incredible creatures that thrive in them.

The Sunken Shipwreck introduces ‘The Portugese Wanli shipwreck’, where you can learn how this wreck have contributed knowledge on the production, trade and distribution of ceramics that forms a vital part of the maritime history of the South East Asian region!

Colourful coral gardens beckon you to explore, filled with fishes that come in different shapes & colours.

Take a walk through the lush Malaysian rainforest and discover the history of the iconic Johor River.

This amazing Ocean Cave is a place is where you can watch various fishes before your eyes through the concave glass, and it almost feels like if you were swimming in the ocean cave.

Watch stingrays dance here at the Stingray Bay on set of a beautiful tropical scene.

Visit the magical kingdom of seahorses and learn about this unique sea species by observing their living and breeding habits.

Did you know according to the Ancient Greeks, seahorses were ‘hippocampus’ – or ‘horse sea monsters’!

But to us, seahorses are some of our most incredible ocean creatures and you’ll find various different species across the aquarium. Like lots of marine creatures, seahorses are under threat of extinction. Their homes are being polluted and destroyed. And every year, 150 million are killed for traditional medicines.

I know I am always fascinated by these jelly friends…. They look so fragile but can cause us a lot of pain and some can even kill us… but hey… I for one did not know they are older than dinosaurs!!!! Then again sometimes baby fish lives within jellyfish tentacles for protection.

Get 180 Degree views of the underwater world in the Ocean Tunnel and be amazed with these incredible creatures including our Black Tip Reef Sharks!

Yellow-brown with dark brown spots, these Zebra Sharks are actually tropical inshore creatures which can be found on sand, rubble, or coral bottoms of the continental and insular shelves. They are oviparous and lay eggs know as Mermaid Purse. Zebra sharks are omnivorous animals and are fond of eating small fish, crabs, shrimps, and other small invertebrates.

This place is fun for both kids and kids at heart… you can just draw or colour your favourite sea creatures and bring them to life in the digital ocean screen in front of you….

Frankly, I think the SEA Life aquarium makes a great add-on to the Legoland theme park trip to complete your Legoland experience!

SEA Life is right opposite Legoland Malaysia
7 Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini Iskandar Malaysia, 79250 Iskandar Puteri (Nusajaya), Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia.

Opening times: 10am – 6pm (Monday – Sunday)

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