#TravelPerakLah – Hulu Perak

You can find the fourth largest state of Malaysia, Perak on the western part of Peninsular Malaysia. Take a train or bus or drive from Kuala Lumpur. Get around the state on the paved roads via buses or self drive…

In case you do not know it, Perak is an exotic blend of rainforest, sophisticated and also old school kinda towns and beautiful lakes

In this blog post, let me bring you on a quick trip to Hulu Perak – Pengkalan Hulu and Lenggong….

Restoran Selera Terapong

This floating restaurant located at Tasik Takong in Pengkalan Hulu serves simple traditional comfort food from Perak such as ayam bakar, ikan talapia bakar, ulam ulaman, sambal belacan, kerabu mangga and such that taste pretty good…

Address – Jalan Padang (Rumah Rehat), 31000 Pengkalan Hulu

Dusun Durian Kampung Tasek

Durians are exquisite! There is no fruit in the world just like it!

Most people in Malaysia knows the best King of Fruits come from Raub in Pahang and Balik Pulau in Penang… but did you know Pengkalan Hulu in Northern Perak has acres and acres of durian plantation all only growing Musang King, Black Thorn and some D24…..and orchard visits are welcomed when the durians are in season!!!

They even have a factory that supplies durian pulps or frozen durian for sales and also export…

Teratak Pak Su Homestay

Teratak Pak Su is for families who want a feel of kampung and also indulge in the beauty of nature…

There’s a huge bungalow with a magnificent view of the lake and also has a dipping pool, and there are smaller Terengganu kampung style homes you can stay in in this area!!! All at very affordable prices !!!

Kroh Hotspring & Riverside

The village of Kampong Ayer Panas have simple surroundings and chalets which have been painted in bright pretty colours and a dining hall. The hot springs are pretty warm from 35℃ and above… it is said the water is Iron carbonate-based, thus it is somewhat kinda cloudy brown in color….

However, there is no sulfurous rotten egg kind of smell associated with some hot spring
The accommodations here are simple and comfortable but there is no hot water in the shower…

Istana Singgah Raja Reman Pengkalan Hulu

The Istana Singgah Raja Reman Pengkalan Hulu is a family palace of the King of Reman, from an ancient kingdom called the Kingdom of Reman or Kingdom of Rahman, one of the seven regions of Pattani Kingdom between 1810 and 1902.

This place is now a small museum with some of the artefacts from the glory days…

Malaysia-Thailand Border Stone

it was kind of exciting yet kind of disappointing as we got here to see the border stone and the no man’s land in between Kroh and Betong …

…cos it was like soooo near yet so far…. I want to cross the border!!!! But the no man’s land in between was definitely nice with both Malaysian and Thai elements….

1968 Kroh-Betong Tragedy Memorial Site

The Betong-Kroh tragedy memorial commemorates the tragic terrorist attack that killed 15 Malaysian police officers and injured 18 others. They were sadly ambushed by communist terrorists on the Kroh-Betong Road on June 17, 1968….

The Zone Duty Free Complex
The place to buy some chocolates, cigarettes, liquor and snacks at duty free prices

Teringat Lenggong
“Teringat Lenggong” located at the side of Tasik Raban, Lenggong serves some delicious traditional local Malay food in a set…

One “talam” or tray only cost about RM20.00, good for 4 pax… the restaurant starts operation from as early as 11.30 am and up to 3.00 pm.

Address – 6, Taman Rekreasi Tasek Raban, Dataran Tasik Raban, 33400 Lenggong

Suak Saudagar Expresso
A hot cup of latte or some cold macchiato , complemented by sweet snacks, grants the much needed raise of spirit.

Suak Saudagar Espresso will present you with a selection of familiar drinks and a charming little area with a great view to enjoy them….

Address – 204, Jalan Kampung Kelantan, 33400 Lenggong, Perak

Rumah Ayah An Rusa Dan Kelulut Lenggong

Ayah An has a deer enclosure which has a decent number of deer ranging from full-grown bucks to does.

The deers are very friendly and will come right up to you once they spot the plastic mug with pellets. It could be a bit intimidating for little children, though, but the older kids and those young at heart will enjoy feeding these gentle creatures…

Address – Lot 10952 Rumah Ayah An Rusa dan Kelulut Lenggong, Kampung Bukit Sapi, Lenggong 33400

Sumpitan Glamping

Glamping, also known as “Glamorous Camping” saves you the trouble of having to scour department stores and spend tons of money on camping equipment, or spend hours searching for the best campsites. So if you want to experience true wilderness with all the comforts of home then this is one way to do it!

Sumpitan Glamping in Lenggong allows you to enjoy the experience of camping with all the modern amenities including thick mattresses, private toilets outside, surau, kitchens right on riverside and campfires.

Located on the banks of Sungai Lenggong, just about 20 minutes away from Gua Musang town, the campground has a total of 7 camping spots for tents and chalets for those that would prefer a little more comfort.

Address – Sumpitan Glamping, Kampung Sumpitan, 33420 Lenggong, Perak

#TravelPerakLah trip was made possible with Gaya Travel and Tourism Perak….

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