3 Great Places to Eat in Sandakan

Whenever we travel, it would be naturally ideal that we can also dine in some great restaurants there to make our trip even more meaningful or memorable….

Here are 3 restaurants/ cafes in Sandakan, Sabah which I am sharing that serves pretty great food and comes highly recommended…..

Kong Teck Fish Noodles, near Sandokan

Sandakan is well known for being a seafood town, thus access to all kinds of seafood can be pretty easy.

However, I was introduced to one of the local restaurant here which is pretty famous with the locals for their unique breakfast made entirely from fish balls….

Kedai Makan Kong Teck is located near a housing area somewhere between Sandakan Airport and the town center.

Their signature dish is actually super unique since it is made from fish!!! Even the noodles!!! There’s fish ball, fish paste and the noodles is made from fish.. 

Most of the customers here are locals and regulars to this place. The food is of course kinda healthy and they do have some varieties of soups for you to choose from curry, prawn and original clear soup….

Thank you Mr Teo and Gary from STAN for bringing me here

Address – Kedai Makan Kong Teck, Jalan Pak Tak, Mile 790000 Sandakan, Sabah

Tel:  016-826-4977

Avocado IJM

Sabah is well known for its gigantic home grown avocados, a fact I did not know until I step foot inside this charming restaurant…

The restaurant’s name is Avocado and it is famous for their Avocado desserts.

They serve a very generous portion of Avocado Shaved Ice – with ice cream for about RM18 which can be shared among 2-4 people…. The Avocado Shaved Ice is drenched in blended avocado mix with condensed milk + generous amount of avocado slices and topped with a vanilla ice cream…

I also tried their Signature Avocado Juice with milk (RM11)… now I have had jus alpukat when in Indonesia and usually it tasted good but many a times when I ordered avocado juice in KL in sucked…. But when I tried this…. It was delicious and refreshing!!!!

I am also seriously loving their Seafood Mix Nadu Curry Mee / Meehoon (RM13) that is really so flavourful and tasty and cane with seafood – prawns, squid etc

We also tried their Mozzarella Cheese Stick (RM16) and Buffalo Wings (RM15)

My friend ordered one of their fried rice which was also very good….

Avocado serves other dishes like western food, asian cuisine, drinks & other desserts as well.

Overall , this restaurant has the most pleasant and comfortable ambience and the food – all of which are really good!!!

Thanks Mem Umie and husband for bringing me here

Address – Avocado , Ground Floor, Lot 22, Lorong, Jalan Dataran BU 3, Utama Zone 3 Commercial, Mile 6, 90000, Sandakan

Restaurant Seafood Sim Sim 88

Restaurant Seafood Sim Sim 88 is a local famous tourist restaurant well known for some of the best seafood in Sandakan…

Located at Kampung Sim Sim, which is a “floating settlement” or floating village

I ordered their Cantonese noodles with seafood which come heaped with fresh seafood – prawns, scallops, slipper lobster meat, fish, squid!!!! And it only cost less then RM20!!!

To be honest I am not sure how much but we ordered 3 of these noodles -different but it came heaped with fresh seafood, one plate of fried wonton -which was also generously filled with fresh chicken and prawns, and drinks and the bill was just RM60++

My friend Mem Umi ordered mee basah and her husband ordered mee kolok (I think)

So if you are a noodle lover, you definitely should try this as the noodles are delicious…..

During lunch and dinner, Restaurant Seafood Sim Sim 88 also serves some pretty original and old school kinda style seafood dishes, unlike some of the newer seafood restaurants.

And while you wait for your food, you can take some pictures at the pretty instagrammable boat inspired deck and maybe pretend to be on titanic too!!!!

Overall, food is superb and definitely warrant a visit!!!!!

Address – Restoran Seafood Sim Sim 88
Bridge 8, Sim Sim Water Village,
Jalan Buli Sim-sim, Sandakan

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