Food Review 2023 – Chicken Royale Senawang, Negeri Sembilan

My bestie and I recently visited Chicken Royale’s brand new outlet in Senawang…. This quickly growing local brand selling localised Peri Peri Chicken, crunchy fried chicken and crunchy fried lamb smothered with cheese also runs branches in Bangi, Cheras, Ampang, Damansara, Gombak, Putrajaya and Shah Alam, with many more being planned offers dine-in and delivery….

The Bumiputera owned Chicken Royale started with humble beginnings has been inspired by the South African dish but tweaked to suit Malaysian tastebuds and is now fast becoming one of Malaysia’s favorite brands for peri peri chicken with plenty of cheese….

Chicken Royale began business as a simple food truck in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras in 2016, Chicken Royale now has eight branches across KL and Selangor, with at least 9 more targetted for 2023 with the main kitchen being in Cheras… so watch out for the next outlets coming your way in Pasir Gudang, Johor; Banting, Selangor; Nilai and Port Dickson, Seremban; as well as well as a few more locations in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur in 2023!!!

And that is just the beginning as the owner of Chicken Royale, Mohd Nazri Md Akim has his eyes set on global domination, eh… just kidding- opening outlets in South East Asia and also perhaps the Mediterranean!!!! Ganbatte!!!

Chicken Royale aspires to be the purveyor of poultry pleasure not only in Malaysia but throughout the world, serving up succulent meat coupled with creamy, stretchy cheese and crave-worthy sauces.

The chicken used by Chicken Royale has been carefully selected and marinated for at least 24 hours with 14 secret herbs and spices… the chicken is then slow roasted in the rottiserie oven for a good 2 hours to make it tender and juciy….

What I find interesting about the new Chicken Royale shop in Senawang is that it has been localised with a Negeri Sembilan feel in a couple of it’s neon signages…

The shop stands out with royale blue paint as well as the logo of a black chicken in traditional Malaysian headgear (tanjak) and the names of the dishes or sets are all taken from Malay mythological or long forgotten historical characters such as Badang and Bersiong sets, which are family platters; as well as Nasi Teja, Nasi Mayang and Nasi Mahsuri which are individual favourites….

Another fun fact – the staff of Chicken Royale are all named after the people in Melaka Sultanate such as Hulubalang (staff) , Penglipur Lara , Temenggung (electrical technician ) and Pembesar (management)

You also need to try out their Sapurba Set which is a unique dish with crunchy lamb served with potato wedges and for those who love burgers, the Parameswara Burger is irresistible with its crunchy chicken fillet….

And your orders come with some action, which includes the torching and tossing of the cheese, which is then poured all over your chicken, from the pan to the plate!

In the kitchen, Chicken Royale’s warriors (hulubalang, kan?) are hard at work, whipping up the most tender chicken, both roasted and batter-fried, with delicious rice, and flavorful side dishes.

And as a result of it, their fried chicken and fried lamb is just so crunchy you can hear and feel as you sink your teeth into it….delicious!!!

The platters are perfect for families and can feed up to 5 people…. And yeah while enjoying all these super yummy chicken and lamb, do complete your meal with their Nojitos – iced sodas in fruity flavours of lychee, passion fruit, kiwi, lemon or tropicana, garnished with lemon and mint leaves which makes it that super-refreshing thirst-quencher…..

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