Aquaria KLCC

Aquaria KLCC located on the concourse level of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, the 5000sqft Aquaria is home to over 150 species of marine life.

There are many friendly staff around from the time you step into Aquaria’s entrance who are keen on assisting you and making your visit here at the Aquaria a pleasant one. So, get your tickets, relax and let yourself be transported to an entirely different world, a world under the river and the sea….

Aquaria’s layout is nicely structured and will afford visitors a thrilling and an unforgettable experience. All the displays are beautifully made to mimic the natural habitat of the fishes which are exhibited. And there are a few interactive stations where visitors can touch some of the aquatic animals there such as the Gene pool.

After a few relaxing hours here you’ll have seen over 5,000 freshwater and marine creatures, including a gigantic arapaima, giant groupers, gar fish and so much more.

Aquaria does not just ‘submerge’ visitors beneath thousands of gallons of seawater – instead visitors will be going on an adventure set in different watery landscapes, from evolution zones, to the riverbank jungle to the ship wreck,  flooded forests, coral reefs and the open ocean.

Your adventure will start off on Level 1 where you will meet huge red bellied piranhas that look so blood thirsty and who will make a quick work of their meal.

However…. According to the staff and also the interactive kiosk there, my daughter and I were kinda stumped to find out that these piranhas were omnivorous and  actually not that dangerous and misunderstood thanks to the movies where piranhas are perceived as super violent and blood thirsty creatures. So they won’t be attacking humans unless there is not enough food around and they smell blood…

We also got to interact, touch, feel and hold the horse shoe crab, sea cucumber, bamboo sharks and the starfishes at the Gene Pool there…

…and marvel at the electric zone fishes… namely the Black Ghost Knifefish (unique name I know…you will meet plenty of interesting named fishes here… hahaha), elephantnose fish (another intriguing name) and the electric catfish.

Take a break from the fishes , head to the Riverbank jungle where you will see the Oriental Whip Snakes….

….and meet the only mammals in Aquaria, the Asian Small-clawed Otter who will make most kids go aww….so cute…

Then you will wander into several shipwrecks, telling you the secret tales of the ocean… with the poisonous and very fascinating Lion Fishes and Long-Horned Cow Fishes… (weird names I know… hahahah),

unique shrimps, Razor Fishes, tiny Spotted Garden Eels, Snowflake Moray Eel….

There are also the Leaf Scorpion Fish and errmm….Mandarin Fish and Decorator Crabs??!!

From here, we head over to Level 2 where our journey continue through the freshwater journey with Lampans, Kelahs and fishes from the Kenyir and Flooded Forest where the oversized araipaima, alligator gar fish , pacu and many others dwell….

And from there, take a leisure stroll up to the Coast to see archer fish, mud skippers and more.

There is even a section where we get to see the life cycle of the bamboo shark, from its egg to being a new born….

credit/taken from

Then we will come to the highlight of Aquaria which is a 90m walk-through tunnel with a slow moving travellator in its centre.

It is here you can imagine yourself under the sea, and surrounded by sand tiger sharks, huge stingrays, giant groupers, leopard sharks, olive leaf turtles and many more denizens of the living oceans.

This is the most enjoyable part for almost everyone, including myself. I I went in the tunnel 2x.

If you are there, soak in the feeling as evil looking sharks with razor sharp teeth, rays and other fish swim past and above you… the feeling is just so surreal. And if you are in the tunnel at the right time, you will see Aquaria’s professional divers feeding the sharks!

We also took the time to marvel at the Giant Pacific Octopus (though this is just a small one… not the really humongous one you see in National Geographic…)

From there, wander into Weird & Wonderful section that is home to the Pine Cone Fish, Dragon Moray Eel, sea jelly and more…

Stop by the Atlantis Souvenir Store for some souvenirs to commemorate your visit here or a little something for that special someone, your loved ones or your bestie…

Your trip does not end there as it will continue at the Station Aquarius, a not to be missed fun adventure at the MOON Lab: Holodeck where you will get to immerse yourself in an augmented reality journey where you can frolic and play with a dolphin, leopard, try scaring away some of those velociraptors and hide away from the Tyrannosaurus Rex and so on… I had so much fun in there, I was kinda sorry it came to an end…

From the MOON Lab: Holodeck, join the Station Aquarius Workshop: put on a lab coat and find yourself in the Lab area where to can see Jelly Fishes, …..

…..and Sea Horses being bred and kept… as well as an interesting Eco Lab on the ecological balance and life cycle of some creatures…

 Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies can choose to get-up-close-and-personal with the different kids of sharks, stingrays and more with the Dive with Sharks program. It will be an experience you will not forget and well, it is definitely safer than in the deep blue sea as the sharks here in Aquaria are kinda domesticated and used to human presence.

picture taken off Aquaria FB page

Those who don’t have diving permits can join the Cage Rage programme where visitors take the plunge into the tank within the confines of a custom made underwater cage …

Kids who are fascinated with sharks can join Aquaria for a unique and unforgettable sleepover with the Sharks keeping them company through the night…

I have personally been to a few aquariums including the Beijing Aquarium, S.E.A Aquarium, etc..etc… and well every aquarium has their uniqueness.

And I can say that Aquaria is worth the ‘plunge’ and those who do will not regret it. It is a great experience, just relax and let your inner kid or adventurous side out and ‘plunge’ all by yourself or with your loved ones and friends….

How to get there……..?

Aquaria KLCC is a short walk from the Suria KLCC, RapidKL station. From the station, simply enter Suria KLCC and take the underpass tunnel connecting from the lower-ground level of Suria KLCC (next Maybank) to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. From here it’s a 5 minute walk through the tunnel to Aquaria KLCC.

For those of you traveling via public buses, the most convenient way to visit Aquaria is by getting to the Suria KLCC Bus Stop. After that, take the underpass tunnel beside Maybank.

For passengers of the KL Hop On-Hop Off Bus Service, you may get off at the KLCC Garden Park stop (West wing KL Convention Centre)

From Bukit Bintang, you can take the covered pedestrian bridge from Pavilion and a less then 10 minute walk will see you outside the KL Convention Centre….

For more information, check out:

For more pictures, click HERE

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  1. so cantik the place and that shark lying there, quite scary imagine if we go inside the aquarium, haven’t gone there in many many years must visit again


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