Review: Byblos Cafe & Lounge

I do not know about you, but for me, there are times, when local food can get pretty boring, all those regular hawker style food, or rich Malay food and mamak food can actually turn me off food…. and frankly, with when Ramadan and Syawal month kicks in, practically everyone will be serving almost the same dish which can be a novelty at first, but which can also be quite boring after more then a couple of days with the same kind of food….and sometimes Western dishes can be just so heavy…

It is during times like this when my taste buds scream for something different.. perhaps a healthier option  or a different kind of cuisine….

Byblos is a new Mediterranean/Lebanese concept in Kuala Lumpur that aims to put a new spin on Lebanese cuisine. Byblos is ideal for diners who enjoy good food with lovely ambiance.


With its innovative setting, classic-contemporary menu, wide selection of shisha and alcohol, as well as an experienced restaurateur, Byblos aims to be the new authority on Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine.

Lebanese and Mediterranean food is characterized by their servings of vegetables, lean meat, healthy grains, nutritional nuts and olive oil. And when seeking alternatives to local food, fast food and heavy western dishes, healthy Lebanese food is simply ideal as it is considered to be one of the most healthy Mediterranean diets.

Lebanese food offers a combination of the sophistication and subtleness of European cuisine with the exotic ingredients of the Middle and Far East.

Byblos is the name of the most ancient in city in Lebanon, and by all possibilities, the world.

It is a city steeped in history, and its origins can be traced as far back as 7000 to 8000 BCE. Drawing on the rich history and culture of this city, Byblos Café & Lounge was named thus to give Malaysians and foreigners alike a taste of the real Lebanon; to that end, the interior of the restaurant emulates an authentic Lebanese feel.

Take time to look at the many photos and paintings decorating the walls as they actually depict scenes from the real Byblos, as well as other interesting places in Lebanon.

Personally, I really felt at home at the Byblos Café & Lounge because of the pictures on the wall, and well, the warm welcome and attentiveness of the staff …which is nothing short of impeccable service. This is because (I found out) all wait staff are required to undergo three weeks of intensive training to ensure they meet the required standards of customer service.

Byblos is located at The Hive in TREC, a dining, entertainment and nightlife venue built on a 7-acre site located along the bustling Jalan Tun Razak, where the popular night club Zouk is located as well….

It is a real treat to take your time dining outside, enjoying some drinks or shisha at the back of the Byblos Café & Lounge while soaking in spectacular green fields of the Royal Selangor Golf Club…

The menu contains traditional favorites such as Hummus, Moutabal, and Tabbouleh, honed and perfected from over two decades of cooking and made all the more distinctive through the use of the freshest organic ingredients. Other items on the menu include Shawarma, Falafel, oriental lamb hot breads and desserts, all of which are homemade and prepared fresh daily.

This is the oven which they use to bake their oh so soft and chewy Pita bread….

And well, yours truly here was there to review their popular dishes with a few blogger friends and let me share with you all what we indulged in……

This is the Homemade Mint Lemonade RM 14 which is one of their signature fruit juice… the taste is of course a burst of freshness in your mouth, from the lemonade and the mint…. Highly recommended!!

We had Pita Bread… with Hummus RM13,  which is mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini paste and lemon juice with some olive oil on top…., Moutabal RM13  , which is minched eggplant mixed with tahini paste and lemon juice with some olive oil on top, and Tabbouleh RM25, a Lebanese salad consisting of fresh parsley, tomatoes, onions, burgul wheat with olive oil, lemon and some spices mixed into it….

The Falafel RM12 is a must try here…it is made from deep fried minced fava beans and chick peas wrapped served with tahini sauce and condiments.. One of my blogger friends happened to bite into one and the look of wonderment in her eyes, at tasting something good, almost set me off laughing… Have some Assorted Pastries RM24, too, if you can…. they come in pairs of cheese rolls, kebbe kras, sambousek and spinach fatayer. On our local eye, it might just look like some samosa, vadeh, fried spring rolls and shell curry puffs but the filling and taste is entirely different and super yummy!!!

Meat lovers should REALLY order this as you will enjoy this to be sure…this Mix Grill platter RM49 is just superb!! There is one grilled beef tenderloin cube skewer with an onion on it, one marinated chicken breast skewer with a mushroom on it and two minced lambs skewers served on a platter with pita bread, hummus, garlic sauce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and a little bucket of french fries…

Try it to believe it… it is really good!!! My younger daughter had some a couple of weeks before and she just could not get enough of it too…

To end a great healthy and wholesome meal, maybe we can afford to indulge in some sweet desserts…. and we had the Byblos Dessert RM16, consisting of Mouhalabieh, Layali Loubnan and Custard Chocolate…. ok.. don’t ask me which is which, as I am still confused here, but this is a perfect ending to your meal for those who like sweet things…

For those who prefer to have some coffee or tea, do check out the Lebanese Coffee RM15 that comes in an interesting pot and served in cute tea cups or some Tea RM10

My thoughts… just the ideal place  if you are looking for a nice elegant place to dine in with the warmth of a neighborhood bar and grill atmosphere. The place to go to for great Lebanese/ Mediterranean food, and impeccable customer service.

Operation Hours:-Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 3am
Friday & Saturday: 11am – 5am
The Hive, TREC, Jalan Tun Razak, 54000 Kuala Lumpur
For reservations, call +60.12.902.2240
Facebook: Instagram: @bybloscafeandlounge

Check out the Ramadan Buffet offer here too…

Ramadhan buffet

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