EXPLORE + EXPERIENCE: Wellness | Music | Dance

We all need a place to escape to, and for most people, that would be a trip far away in a different place… but did you know, all we need is a change of environment, or a change from the daily activities and daily humdrum of life….

And with that said, the 3rd annual MURFEST (Malaysian Urban Retreat Festival) returns with an awesome line-up of world class presenters, a market place of health and wellness with the JustBe Markets @ Murfest, a glow-in-the-dark dance fitness party, and more…

And it is happening in the heart of KL, very near to KLCC location: you can stretch out to touch KLCC, and lean back to touch the KL Tower!

MURFEST offerings include:

FREE workshops including yoga, dance, and more, by international presenters at the Community Pavilion.

  1. 25+ workshops DAILY over 3 days by world class presenters covering yoga, dance, functional training, talks, music therapy and more. Sessions include:
    a) Awaken your Radiant Self
    b) Ageless Living
    c) Explore your Body Type
    d) Breath of Bliss
    e) The Feminine Super Woman
    f) Dynamic Rejuvenation and Relaxations

  1. FREE marketplace with healthy food & drink, complimentary services such as spa treatments, pulse reading, electro muscle stimulation workouts, and more. The Just Be Markets will offer a carnival-like atmosphere with a healthy twist, from food trucks, to unique products on sale such as organic soaps and spa products, delicious healthy snacks and juices, free sampling of products and spa treatments, and even games and entertainment.

  1. Flexible festival ticket options are available, and include the
    • 1-day Escape pass (RM160),
    • 2-day Explore pass (Saturday & Sunday; RM275) and the
    • Full 3-day Experience pass (RM359).

Yoga Certification courses (priced separately) will also be available by senior instructors from the USA and Australia.

  1. GLO KL Dance Fitness Party. Join Master Trainers from Cuba alongside local favourites who will lead a night time Zumba and Salsation dance party.

Whether you are a yogi, dancer, music-lover, healthy-eating enthusiast or simply on a path of self-discovery to try something fun, new, and exciting, Murfest is the place to be this November!


Among the highlights to expect this year from the 80 workshop sessions and over 100 exhibitions offered, are some truly unique experiences by local artists and visiting artists from around the world.


Yoga lovers, there is no other weekend like Murfest in Malaysia! Experience a wide variety of yoga workshops including healing yoga, Breath of Bliss, advanced Vinyasa Yoga, pre- and post-natal yoga, as well as the usual Hatha and Manasa Yoga. A big hit from last year’s edition, take flight with Fly Yoga as you strap in and suspend yourself under the direction of experienced instructors.

Expect some of the most impressive names from the global yoga world including Simon Borg-Olivier from Australia, Tymi Howard from USA/Canada, Christabel Zamor from Hawaii USA, alongside local favourites Ninie Ahmad and Reiko Soo.


Get your groove on to a wide variety of modern and folkloric dance! Ever wanted to learn Latin styles such as Cuban Rumba, or perhaps get a feel of Latin hip hop with some Reggaeton? How about dancing up a sweat to Zumba, or getting a dance workout to the new craze of Salsation? Look no further to find all these dance styles at one location!

And a returning hit from last year: Hula hooping! Let Mishie Hoops from Australia/Bali loop you into her ‘hoopography’ as you explore this fun dance style!

Also dip your toes into the famed Brazilian art of Capoeira, with everyone’s favourite locally-based Brazilian instructors Pimbal Rubens and Lilica Vargas.


Let your body take a breather, and enjoy access to specialised talks on wellness.

Aromatheraphy and Raw Food Consultant Elke Wollschon will be conducting a workshop on essential oils, a not-to-be-missed session for aromatherapy lovers. Those looking to find solutions to healthy eating can attend the workshop discussing digestive health by Naturopath from USA/Bali Dr Andrea Davis. There will also be a breathing session on Pranayama and Movement Meditation by local darling Jojo Struys.


Music doesn’t just enlighten, it heals. Experience music therapy via workshops conducted by musicians from USA, Iran as well as Malaysia.

Keep a lookout for the Gong Therapy session by Reiki master Anne Fong Braillard.


Whether you want to grab a bite in between your active day at Murfest, or you’re keen to explore organic and spa products such as soaps, the Just Be market has it all!

Aching muscles from the workshops? Expect to find free massage samplers and treatments from vendors who will surely entice you with soothing relaxation treatments.

There will even be an on-site jump park that you can visit


Explore & experience the ‘Panaz’ room, the fitness wear brand offering slimming pants, waist belts and arm bands designed to help you sweat! Find out more about their products while you check out all the workshops that will be taking place at their space.


 Glow under the city lights and enjoy an exciting night of dance with GLO KL. Dance fitness, Zumba and Salsation lovers can rejoice at the exciting dance fitness party that will take place against the backdrop of the KLCC skyline. Two hours of fun and dance with glow-in-the-dark apparel and accessories await!

Salsation Master Trainer Luis Calanche from Cuba will be in town, appearing alongside Zumba ZIN DJ Yo Yo from Cuba. They will be supported by local champions and Zumba crowd favourites: Salsation Elite Trainers Eka Yahya and Chacha Garza, as well as Zumba stars ZIN Ramizah Kamis and ZIN Hanif Shawn.

GLO KL early-bird tickets are priced at RM50 which includes a set of glowsticks. Tickets can be purchased via http://glokl2016.peatix.com


Relax and unwind to the sound of soothing music under the stars. Festival goers are welcome to hang out after workshops on Friday evening to chill and relax to the vibes of ‘Nadi Night’ while allowing the stress of a hectic week to simply melt away.


The grounds of MaTiC will be rumbling to the sounds of percussionists at the Murfest Finale on Sunday, 6pm. The drum circle will play various percussions in unison, and will invite the crowd to participate with instruments of their choice, bringing the festival to a thundering close.


Murfest 2016 would not be possible without the support of the following sponsors and brand partners:

  • Supported by Ministry of Youth & Sports and Tourism Malaysia;
  • Official Venue Sponsor – Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTiC)
  • Hotel Partner – Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur and Hotel Maya;
  • Community Activation Partners – Sony, CORNY, Evian
  • Official Brand Partners – FLYOGA®, Slimming Sanctuary, Grolier, Manduka (Danivy), Raisin’ The Roof, YOUC100 (EH Beverage), Golden Horse Palace, Lorna Jane, Teh Tarik Place, Dyanna, Happy Fresh, Isagenix, Grab Malaysia and Cocoa Boutique;
  • Official Media Partners – Natural Health, Vulcan Post, Discover KL, Festival Sherpa, Yogalife magazine, Little Steps Asia, RedBox & GreenBox, Hop-on Hop Off, Rentak Sejuta, Selebriti Online and Tally Press;
  • Workshop Activation Partner – Panaz


For more info check out the Murfest website and/or social media pages:

I will be giving away one 1-day Friday passes to a lucky reader here who tells me why they want to attend the MURFEST…so leave your answers , name and email below in the comment area…

(Pictures have been taken from the MURFEST facebook page while the bad ones are taken by me.. well, I have just a mediocre camera which cannot work well with both action and dim lighting.. I have to still save a lot of money to get me a great one.. but it is not happening anytime soon yet… unless someone could sponsor or give me a great one =wishful thinking)

16 thoughts on “EXPLORE + EXPERIENCE: Wellness | Music | Dance

  1. I would have loved to go for the launch (or was a preview) but a day trip to KL was just not happening due to my schedule. Maybe I can check out the event when it comes.


  2. a glow-in-the-dark dance fitness party sounds super awesome!! the thing is are people willing to pay for a fest like this? i hope so!! it’s definitely worth it to me.. plus its something healthy compared to just music festivals…


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