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Indulging in some Thai food or Thai Street food is actually a must do when in Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand… It would be a crying shame if you did not know how to appreciate Thai food…

Personally, Thai food is just another of my top 5 favorite cuisine and I can never resist a good Thai restaurant….. so when my blogger friend Pamela/Malaysian Foodie asked me if I wanted to try out or review the new Banngkok Street Food restaurant, I certainly was thrilled to do so..

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Like how can I resist some delicious and spicy Thai food like noodle soup, tom yam, fish cakes and delicious curries…. Oh… my mouth was watering just at the thought of it….

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Banngkok Street Food is a new halal Thai food restaurant located at Platinum Walk, near Danau Kota just right next to Setapak Central/ Festival City… and is run by two brothers, Wira and Chef Mus… It has just been opened for a few months but fast gathering a crowd as the food is unbelievably good…

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Wira would be the one behind the designs, art work and such whereas the food part comes from his younger brother Chef Mus who has an impressive 15 years of experience. Chef Mus draws from his experience as well as the recipes of his Thai ancestors as well as adding his own personal touch to several dishes…Chef Mus also gets his ingredients specially brought in from Thailand to maintain the authencity of the Thai food with the exception of vegetables , meat and seafood…..

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The restaurant’s ambience was definitely simple but colourful and attractive …. But the food….. oh my, the food really did blow us away…..both in taste and spiciness… so let me warn those who cannot eat too spicy food to request your curries etc  mild…

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However, if you are the sort of person, like me and my daughter who love the spicy bite, go for hot/medium or burn/super spicy…. Be forewarned… super spicy means level 5 spiciness….

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OK.. Anyway I was there at Banngkok Street Food with another three blogger friends and we had a great time there… while waiting for the food, we indulged in some of the famous Koh –Kae coated peanuts from Thailand…

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My daughter who accompanied me had some Cha Keow Yen /Thai iced Green Tea RM6.90 while I had some Cha Yen /Thai iced tea RM6.90

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Our first dish came Khao Pad Thai RM9.90, which was basically fried rice with shrimp paste, chicken and shredded egg… My daughter loved this a lot as the rice was light and fragrant and the chicken nicely done and flavorful…

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We then had the Khau Niau Kai /Pulut Ayam RM7.90 consisting of a plate of Thai sticky rice with a fried spiced/herbed chicken and sweet Thai chilli sauce and nicely garnished. It did seem odd eating sticky rice with fried chicken, but the combination was actually pretty good….

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The following dish was Siakap Kaeng Som RM43.00. I love steamed fish and seriously, this steamed fish with spicy tamarind sauce was just mouth-wateringly perfect and very spicy… this is highly recommended but like I mentioned, if you cannot eat spicy, please request for it to be mild… for me, and my daughter and everyone else on my table, we loved this, even when we had to put out the fire with more iced water….

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The Mee Siam RM9.90 was definitely fascinating. It came in a little earthen bowl.. consisting of fried beehoon, shredded egg, some fried shallots, crispy chicken, some garnishing and a little mug of tom yam broth… to eat it, you have to pour in the tom yam broth and mix it all up …. And yes, this is good….

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We then had some Khao Pa Kai RM9.90… It was supposed to be Khao Pakrapow but someone on our table did not eat beef, so Chef Mus changed beef to chicken and I am just guessing the name… so I apologise if I am wrong… the dish is yummy, fragrant and flavorful… and yes, I recommend it..

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Tomyam Super Banngkok RM10.90 was spicy, but not as spicy as the Siakap Kaeng Som…. This tomyam soup has chicken feet and chicken wings in it and we really love the thick gravy…..Be sure to request for a mild one if you cannot eat too spicy ya.

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One of my top favorites there at Banngkok Street Food restaurant has to be the Ho’ Mok Steam Seafood RM14.90 . I tried something similar to this when I was in Phuket and fell in love with that dish, but sadly I could not find it anywhere else in Malaysia or Thailand… until now……this dish is served in a heated up coconut to bring out the sweetness of the coconut…., inside it is loaded with loads of seafood ingredients such as squid, crab, shellfish in Thai Curry Paste, Egg Gravy that makes you think of otak otak .

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My verdict here might be a little biased, since I have been looking so hard for this….But this is mouth wateringly good… even the presentation is so pretty…

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We also had the Yam Thalay RM7.90 which is Thai seafood salad … seafood and glass noodles which are served a little cold and sourish…

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Then we had some Pad Woon Seng Goong RM12.90 consisting of stirfried glass noodles, served with bean sprouts, peanuts and tiger prawns…

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And the last main dish…. The Kai Dow Kra Paw RM7.90 which is a dish of minced beef with basil and fried egg, a typical street food served in a small bowl with steamed white rice…This is nicely done but beware the little birds eye chilli in between if you cannot eat spicy…

We finished our super awesome dinner with two really awesome desserts…

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Chattuchak RM9.90 which is ice cream, sticky rice, slices of coconut served inside a halved coconut and topped with Kelantanese Jala Mas….

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Pancake Banana RM9.90 is pretty interesting and tempting with the banana grilled to perfection and served with ice cream and sweet pancake with banana in between as well…

I have to say this is a pretty satisfying restaurant to eat in.. the food is really good and much more better value for money then Boat Noodles with the generous portion and all…and before you ask, this restaurant is quite near where I stay, this is definitely going to be one of my favorite restaurants to frequent in near future….

Opening Hours – Mon- Thurs 12pm – 12am, Friday 2pm – 2am, Sat/ Sun 1pm – 1am

Address – 53300, 1-3, Jalan 1/23e, Danau Kota, 53300 Kuala Lumpur / Platinum Walk Setapak


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