My daughter and I recently temporarily came into some anti gravity powers. For about an hour, we could walk on walls and ceilings – along with all the other people there in the Upside Down Museum, that was it.. and it was just so much fun…

I knew about the Upside Down museum having passed the museum by on a previous visit, but I did not have a chance to visit it, and since my most recent trip to Penang was meant to be different from what I would normally do, I decided to visit it..


The Upside Down museum is an interactive museum located on Kimberley Street in George Town, Penang… offering visitors the unique experience to experience an upside down world. The museum resembles rooms in a house but there shops and even a café which is of course upside down….

It is one of the best place to bring the kids, as it’s a family friendly location. The kids and even those young at heart will have a great time here… and yes, before we go further, I have to apologize for the seemingly narcissistic pictures… yeah, unlike my other blog posts, this one seems full of me and my daughter’s pictures..


Anyway, it is a great place to visit in any kind of weather or mood, and even if you are upset, you will definitely forget your worries for a while and cannot help laughing or marvelling at the details that have been carefully and meticulously thought of and all so nicely arranged or messed up– upside down.

The visit is pretty systematic as once you get your tickets, you will be given a locker to keep your shoes, and bring the locker key with you.. then you are given a number and ushered to a waiting room to wait until your number is called before you can go in…


When your number gets called, you will be ushered along or guided on from one room to another. This is of course, not to waste time and also give the person after you a chance to enjoy the facilities without having to deal with crowds and ‘photobombs’ and all…


If you do not know how to take pictures, no worries, there is a staff there on hand who will teach you how to pose with the backdrop and take your photos for you…


And the result would be of course, serious mind-bending photos that would set people agape with your new found ‘superpowers’ of being able to defy gravity.. err.. Spidergirl? Spiderman? Spiderwoman?

So, if you ask me, it is worth going in and having some fun.. and the museum is actually bigger then you might expect it to be… it was definitely bigger then what I expected it to be…


Address – Upside Down Museum, 45 Kimberley Street, 10100 George Town, Penang

Adults: RM27 (MyKad holders RM16)

Children (aged 5-12): RM16 (MyKid holders RM8)

Malaysian Students with ID: RM11

Non-Malaysian Students with ID: RM16




  1. This looks like a good place to go when it rains in Penang. I like the idea of having a guide to manage the people flow, and also to help you stand in effective places. The resulting photos are really quite cool!

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  2. Menariknya tempat ni.. RM16/entry is cheap enough.

    Boleh bergambar puas-puas. Boleh masukkan dalam bucket list just in case mau visit Penang later on


  3. LOL that looks so fun! That’s quick a interesting article. I hope you had fun while writing this article….Wanted to ask if you click your own blog pics? They do look fair enough


  4. I wanted to go to this museum when I stayed at a hotel in Kimberley Street. The queue was very long, though. And since I had a car, I wanted to use my time to explore places that were further away. Next time!


  5. I like how the fact that each room you get to enjoy it without other people in it…that’s a good SOP they have there..and yes..I will most definitely visit this place…and you don’t have to be sorry…it’s a perfect display of mother-daughter interaction..


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