Ghost Museum, Penang

The Ghost Museum in Penang is a pretty interesting place… It is not quite about scaring people with life-sized dummy of ghosts in the house, but rather, creating an atmosphere of fascination, fun and maybe a little bit of fear…


It is here that you will learn the stories behind each of the supernatural mysterious beings….

Housed in a heritage double-storey pre-war shophouse along the Malay Street off Carnarvon Street, the museum is pretty interesting.. and to be honest.. I actually enjoyed it more then I thought I would…

You enter the darken corridor and come across the first section where you get to meet the traditional Malay ghosts.

There is the Orang Minyak, usually humans who are usually naked and covered in oil and who goes around to rob or rape girls during the night…


Then there is the Pontianak, which is the ghost of a woman who died of childbirth.. You can have a chance pf dressing up as a Ponti-baby if you like….huhuh


Then there is that green toyol (a child fetus) supposedly the Pontianak’s baby used by black magic practitioners to steal money…


There’s also a faceless ghost…

Then we come across the Pocong – the typical Malay ghosts since Muslims are buried in the white muslin cloth just that way…


Then there is the Hantu Pisang – pretty female spirits that reside in banana trees and attracted to single men.. but if you cheat on them, beware as their revenge can be very ugly…


Then you will venture into the Chinese room where you meet the Chinese Vampires… and yes, you can dress up as one too… Or as the medium who gets rid of the vampires….


From there… venture into Egypt where Anubis keeps watch..

And head to the pirates area where headless pirates and all linger around…


We then headed to the attic where zombies nurses were… and you could just dress up as a crazy doctor or scientist as well… there is a mortuary filled with dead bodies too… or a body woman hanging there with her long hair brushing you as you pass her by….


We then wandered past the pirates to where the Japanese ghosts were…. there are some strange and weird ghosts/spirits there… and then there is the Rokurokubi – a long necked ghost, said to be a Buddhist who didn’t follow the religion faithfully and turned into a hideous creature after his / her death.

There is also the Daidarabotchi – a son of god, as well as a giant and protector of the forest. We can only see his hairy legs though…



Then we come to a room where Sadako is waiting for you…. It can be pretty scary but fun all at the same time…


We then made our way to the Vampire’s dining room and had a feast of body parts with our hosts.. and it included some of our friends’ decapitated heads on the dining table too… I love the changing pictures on the wall though…hahaha

Before ending our journey in what looks like a witch or wizard room…which happens to be the souvenir shop too…

I think it is a pretty brilliant and fun trip through the museum where you can meet, take plenty of photos as well as read all about the ghosts on the information boards…

The Influenzas team and I definitely had an amazing fun time there… and you really should visit it.. and bring your friends or kids..

Malaysia (Mykad holder only)
– Adult – RM 18
– Children – RM 10
– Student/Senior – RM 10
Foreigner (Non MyKad)
– Adult – RM 28
– Children – RM 16
– Student/Senior – RM 16
Ghost Museum
Address : 57, Lebuh Melayu, 10300 Georgetown
Email :
Opening Hours: 10 am – 7 pm


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