FUN AT THE SHORE – Oceanarium and Sky Tower

One of the places the team from Colours Of Lives Travelogue Malaysia stopped at was at the new mall, The SHORE, in Melaka… The SHORE is an integrated development area consisting of being a shopping gallery, a resort city, a service residence, a hotel and and oceanarium, ideally located right on the river cruise/monorail route, just a short drive away from the heart of Malacca’s historical sites, the well-known Jonker Street and Chinatown where tourists throngs.

The 300,000 sq ft mall is elegant and quite impressive with a wide selection of restaurants, a multitude of international and local fashion stores and excellent retail finds to satisfy every shopper’s need.



Our first stop was at the Shore Oceanarium which describes itself as the ‘new premier tourist attraction in Melaka’. It is a fun and educational place to bring the kids and pretty enjoyable for adults too.

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Ask me as I have been to a few aquariums and oceanariums, some much bigger than this, and personally, before I entered, I was almost sure I would find it boring…

But after visiting it, it is really pretty impressive in its own way… It was opened in 2015 and besides looking colourful, it contains some pretty interesting aquarium technology such as 3D movies and information boards (3D glasses are provided with a combo ticket).

You will be given a quiz form for you to answer. This is good for the kids or teenagers as they are forced to learn a few things in the Oceanarium and read the details on the information boards as they wander around the oceanarium. Once you have completed it, you can redeem a souvenir at the gift shop.

The first stop was at the Interactive Touch Pool where you can gently touch some of the creatures such as star fishes, sea cucumbers, sting rays, horseshoe crab and bamboo sharks – made me want to break into the baby shark doo doo doo doo song… but you have to wash your hand properly first at the wash area…


Then there is an interesting aquarium where you can actually stick your hand in and let the fishes eat you… don’t worry… they are actually eating the dead skin off you, and these are the fishes usually found at those fish spas.. and it is just damn ticklish..

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There are other interesting creatures around as well…

Then after moving along, you will come upon the Jungle Quest where you can find exhibits on reptiles and insects, such as snakes, frogs, lizards…

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From there you will come across the Ocean Journey & Ocean Theatre, where you can view Giant Garoupas in larges and an overhead aquarium where you can view small patrolling sharks from below… You can enjoy a 3D story at the 3D movie theatre…and learn more about the various sea shells found around… at the sea shells museum.

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At the River Story, you can find plenty of river fishes. and so on as well as a huge tank of piranhas… The piranhas used to excite me but now I am disappointed since they are considered herbivores…. Huhuhu.. there goes my fantasy of tossing those who hurt me and mine into a tankful of piranhas.


Kampung Penyu is an interesting large pool where you can see sea turtles and even feed them with raw fish (purchased at the entrance). I think this was pretty brilliant as the previous evening we were supposed to visit the Turtle Management Centre but it was closed for renovation and we only manage to see three other turtles in a little pool behind there.. it might seems a bit cruel to keep turtles in a pool but this exhibit was co-organised with the Fisheries Department Malaysia so I am sure the welfare of the turtles has been taken into account when designing the pool, and besides, these turtles are a whole load more safer here, if and when they are properly taken care of than in the open sea nowadays where they risk getting hurt, killed, strangled by the tons of trash found I the sea and all.. Personally, I liked this place loads and it sure was a lot of fun…


Admission ticket prices:

Adult – RM35

Child/Senior – RM25

Address- Level 2, The Shore Shopping Gallery



From the Shore Oceanarium we headed to the top floor of the mall.. towards The Shore Sky Tower.. and a breathtaking experience awaits you…

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Located on the 43nd floor, the Shore Sky Tower is the tallest man-made structure in Melaka City and offers breathtaking views for up to 50 kilometres in every direction. Our journey started with a walk along the bridge before going up yet another flight of steps to the roof/sky deck area… the perimeter fencing of the deck is constructed from glass so you able to see through it.

There are telescopes provided, if you like a closer look… and if you are brave enough, there is a glass box are also where you can enjoy the view under your feet… do try it, you have to pay a small fee for a photo here though..


I think it is an amazing place for weddings and wedding photography too, though it might be a bit hot… and am not really sure if they let you rent the space for wedding functions yet…

Admission ticket prices:

Adult – RM25

Child –  RM18

Address – Tower 1, 42 and 43F, The Shore Shopping Gallery

Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia is organised by, and supported by Tourism Malaysia.

Special thanks to Tourism Malaysia Melaka for accompanying us, and also thanks to Perodua Malaysia, Plus, Touch n’Go, Marini Naturale Magic, FZ by Ayana, 888tea for being our sponsors and believing in us…

15 thoughts on “FUN AT THE SHORE – Oceanarium and Sky Tower

  1. I was at The Shore and really enjoyed this concept where I can do many things within one roof. Don’t even need to go anywhere else for a day or two as there are just so many interactive activities to indulge in.


  2. Wow! How wonderful and beautiful that place. Oceanarium and Sky Tower are really fun to visit. Will surely put this on my bucket list for our next family travel


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