Travelogue Melaka 2019 – Encore Melaka

Melaka has always been a fascinating state with a lot of myths interwoven into its historical background, captivating Malaysians as well as tourists from all over…


I for one have always been just so amazed and all ears when my history teacher taught us about how Parameswara founded Melaka and how it eventually became the glorious Malay sultanates and then the fall of the Melaka empire (to the Portuguese invaders) ….and so on…

The recent Travelogue Melaka brought me back to the state of the art theatre
which overlooks the scenic Straits of Melaka….


My friends were all impressed by the beautiful theatre white facade tiled with fish scale-like LED panels which reflect light from the ever-changing and vibrant sky of Melaka… it is definitely instagrammable and not to be missed…

Designed by chief architect Wang Ge from the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, you really should not miss out on the beautiful and natural sunset here every evening as well…

Encore Melaka is specially curated and directed by Wang Chaoge(the creative force behind the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony) to express her feelings for Melaka, its past, present and future… and consist of 6 short stories with high-energy choreography, vivid stage settings with creative lighting and unbelievable stage effects that will leave audiences mesmerized, in awe or even moved to tears… I spotted one of my best friends wiping away his tears at one of the scenes…

The theatre hall is interesting as the 2,000 seat capacity seatings are all situated in the middle and surrounded by massive screens..


The 70-minute show, presented by Yong Tai Berhad, will tell stories of long-forgotten days from how Parameswara found Melaka, how Admiral Cheng Ho or Zheng He’s diplomatic mission eventually turned into settlement and cross-cultural marriages that produced the Baba Nyonya community… right up to how modern Melaka is today…

The performance is presented trilingual in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin…

About 200 local performers from all over Malaysia, aged between 18 and 63 years will take to the stage.

The audiences will be mesmerized and enchanted….


Audiences will be amazed by the percussion scenes by half naked athletic-looking performers with the Chinese drums…


…and who cannot help but be charmed by that colourful baba nyonya dance… and wedding… and the little lantern scene with stage interactivity, where the baba nyonya performers will treat the audiences to a sweet little treat.. or the tale of six mothers that will move many people to tears….


…but everyone will agree that the pregnant mother story which is the water sequence is a truly not to be missed experience to savour in Encore Melaka…


Address: No. 1 Jalan KSB, Impression 8, Impression City @ Kota Syahbandar, 75200, Melaka, Malaysia.
Ticketing: The ticket prices is from RM128 onwards.

for ticket purchase.
Show Time: Monday –Saturday (5.30pm & 8.30pm); Sunday (2.30pm & 5.30pm).

This Melaka/Muar Food Trail Travelogue is brought to you in a collaboration between Borakkita Media / Travelogue Malaysia and The Influenzas team.. supported by  MITC and Majlis Perbandaran Muar ….

Thanks to our main sponsors –MITC , Encore MelakaJust BerrysMelaka River CruiseMango Shake Royale MelakaRestoran CeranaUjang Asam PedasCendol Kampung HuluMuar Indah Villa, Muar Historia , Rabbit Home Restaurant, Muar Tourism, Galeri Seri Muar, R&H Cafe, 434 Coffee and Origina Johor

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