Giant Shrimp Sambal at Restoran RZ


Our very first stop… for the Colours Of Lives Travelogue Malaysia trip was to the Restoran RZ which is situated along Jalan Utama in Segamat . Established since 1983, Restoran RZ is notorious and famous for the ‘Sambal Udang Kara’ (spicy giant shrimps) which can cost about RM25 for a regular Grade C shrimp and prices can go up to RM100 for a really huge Grade A shrimp… so don’t be too shocked if you pick up the biggest prawn and your bill totals a hefty RM100 plus.. which was something that happened some time ago which made this restaurant notorious…


However, do prepare to indulge your taste buds in some great tasting dishes, and I am telling you that there is indeed a huge variety of amazing dishes which will make deciding what to eat a chore…


For those who enjoy fresh water fishes like ikan baung or ikan keli/cat fish, you should really try the special ikan baung or ikan keli dishes here made with the owner’s wife’s recipes…

The restaurant occupies two floors… with the bottom part open to the general public and the first floor specifically for special functions or corporate events and VIPs.


Some friends once told me if you want to know how delicious or good a restaurant it, you have to check the crowd, and so if it is crowded during lunch or dinner, you cannot go wrong, and it sure was packed for lunch when we got there…


The dishes were all great and even for someone who very rarely eats cat fish, I had some of the Ikan Keli and was pleasantly surprised by the delicate flavour and that it did not smell or taste gritty like some river fishes tend to do…


The shrimp was humongous.. and it kinda scared me to eat it just like that.. but believe me, it is yummy… the sambal.. or chilli gravy it is cooked with is just so lip smacking good…


I also loved the tempe, glass noodles, beancurd skin mixture which was so satisfying


And that kerabu vegetable was really superb… I have totally no complaints for this place and the dishes are just so really good…So if you happen to be in Segamat… do be sure to drop by… I promise you you will not regret eating here… as long as you stick to your budget, meaning if you can splurge on a huge prawn, by all means, go ahead.. if not, just stick to a smaller one and enjoy your lunch …


RZ Restoran

Address – 34, Jalan Utama 2/3 , Johor  Taman Utama, 85000 Segamat

Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia is organised by, and supported by Tourism Malaysia.

Special thanks to Tourism Malaysia Johor for accompanying us, and also thanks to Canon MalaysiaYushaz Car RentalKaseh HQAvox StreetwearMarini Naturale Magic888tea for being our sponsors and believing in us…

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