Review 2019 – The Iron Fairies

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When yours truly heard about The Iron Fairies, my interest was pique… I have my head up in the clouds and I just love nothing better then anything mystical, mythical or magical… and I was definitely excited about it…


I asked one of my close friends, Joshua to accompany me to what is known to be KL’s most expensive bar…

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And we were definitely pretty wowed with the unique experience of stepping into this spacious fairytale like bar …

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The Iron Fairies KL, the one and only Iron Fairies bar in Malaysia is located at TREC and it is a magical place for party animals and night-goers to indulge their mythical and childhood fantasies in…


Step inside and be mesmerized by the intricate detail of the hand cast designs by Ashley Sutton himself… as you enjoy the delicious food and interesting beverages served here from 5pm to 3am on weekdays and up to 5am on weekends…

A cult brand, The Iron Fairies origins’ draw back to the story books written by Australian iron ore miner-turned-interior designer Ashley Sutton who escaped into a fantasy world of fairies which then inspired the tale that immortalised into what is The Iron Fairies bars today…

Sprawled over multiple levels, you will step into the bar which has been beautifully designed like a deep underground iron ore foundry with vats of sparkling fairy dust secured to the walls behind the bar, and thousands of tiny vials hanging in generous bunches from the ceiling….


Spot the cute iron fairies which have been placed in a huge circle on the tables… or spot them in the crevices on the walls!!!


You can adopt one, but don’t leave without paying for it or you’ll get bad luck and you might end up making yourself an embarassment as there are cameras… get my gist??


Carefully selected live bands perform on the mezzanine level on Wednesdays to Saturdays…


We wandered upstairs to the second level and came upon the dark and enclosed Butterfly Room, aptly named because of the 50,000 butterflies which are suspended from the ceiling, frozen in time…


A DJ sits at the end of the Boiler Room and plays music that gravitates toward the darker side of a magical ethereal fairytale inciting mortals who wander into that realm to dance till the early hours of the morning…

The drinks are fantastical, brightly coloured, and tempting…

The Green Fairy-640x960

The eight signature drinks of the bar are: The Green Fairy RM50 – the strongest drink.. this is a well- balanced 6 -spirit drink with vermouth, blue caracao, and absinthe mixed with passionfruit….

The Blue Fairy-640x960

The Blue Fairy RM41 – a rum-based cocktail made with blue curacao, coconut rum, yoghurt liquor, basil leaves and a touch of bitters…

Casting Room RM40 – a foamy shaken red wine cocktail that is rich with coconut and cinnamon, with a hint of citrus and egg white…

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3rd Key RM48 – a bright drink made with sparkling wine, elderflower syrup, and a sprig of thyme…


Trapping Tinkerbell RM48 – the Instagram-worthy smoked scotch-based cocktail stirred with homemade popcorn syrup and bitters…

Nymph’s RM38 – Vodka-based with the exploding flavours of watermelon and lychee accompanied by rosemary and lime…

Labyrinth RM48 – the refreshing gin- based cocktail with osmanthus, apple juice, citrus, and Indian spices….

Amy’s Rose RM38 – salty, sweet and perfectly ladylike with a gin/vodka blend with rosewater, citrus, cranberry juice, and a pinch of sea salt….

The food menu at The Iron Fairies is pretty yummy… you can choose from homemade burgers (Coli’s beef burger, Chicken for Chloe or Lily’s lamb affair), and some bites & sharing plates such as truffle fries, salted egg fries, Thai chicken wings and spicy popcorn chicken….


Joshua and I had the Coli’s beef burger -RM48 (made from wagyu/grass fed Aussie beef)


…and spicy popcorn chicken -RM24 which was like the perfect bar food to snack on while chitchatting and catching up on gossips etc..


Address- The Iron Fairies, Hive, TREC, 438 Jalan Tun Razak H-G-06, Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor, 43000 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
Tel-  016 221 3612

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