A mini heritage tour around KL with the Minister of MoTAC

It was a rare opportunity for a few selected bloggers as well as yours truly to visit a few selected tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur early in the morning recently with the current Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture,  Dato’ Sri Hajah Nancy binti Shukri…


We boarded the bus from MaTiC and arrived at DBKL where we met up with the minister and had breakfast with her, before walking towards Dataran Merdeka and the River of Life on a mini heritage walk with one of Kuala Lumpur’s heritage guides, Jane Rai…


Jane pointed out an Aveling steam roller used during British colonisation in Kuala Lumpur to make roads etc…


and also the 2020 Countdown Clock.. I had always been wondering what that interesting black modern fountain with water falling from a black rooftop all around the structure was…

Apparently it is a clock that counts down the time towards the year 2020 and is best visited at night when the water glows with colourful lights….


Opposite the road from the Countdown Clock is the former City Hall, now better known as Panggung Bandaraya (City Theatre), a slightly older building designed by AB Hubback in 1896. The interior was destroyed by fire in 1992 but since restored…..

The former High Court built in 1909 and designed by A.C. Norman was also pointed out before we walked towards to River of Life, one of Kuala Lumpur’s latest icon…


Located behind the Sultan Abdul Samad building and near Jamek Sultan Abdul Samad, the oldest mosque in the city, it is a convergence point of two rivers: the Klang River and the Gombak River. The Klang River, known as Sungai Klang by the locals, streams through the regions of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and eventually into the straits of Melaka. The Gombak River is another major river in the Klang Valley.

River of Life in KL has also just gotten more interesting or prettier with the new whole building murals!!!


The first mural showcases three men in a river surrounded by luscious flora, one of them is seen trying to catch a fish. This may be a reflection of what the Klang river was set out to be before undergoing rapid urbanisation.


The other colourful mural is painted behind the cafe old market square and depicts how busy life was along the banks of the rivers once upon a time…


The HOHO bus then took us to the KL Forest Eco Park (Taman Eko Rimba KL) was formerly known as Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve…


It is the only rain forest nature reserve at the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

It comes with a canopy walk consisting of over 200 meters of canopy bridges perched up high above the forest, it’s a fascinating way to see how the real jungle blends with the concrete jungle beyond….

A stroll on the canopy walk takes just about 10-15 minutes so take your time, this is after all a pretty instagrammable spot too, with the Kuala Lumpur skyline as your backdrop.

There are 2 main entrances to the park:
Jalan Raja Chulan, more of less opposite to St. Andrew’s Church and also from steps near the front of KL Tower itself.

Address – Lot 240, Jalan Raja Chulan, Bukit Kewangan, 50250 Kuala Lumpur


Then we boarded the Hop On Hop Off bus towards the Royal Museum at Jalan Istana which is now a museum that allows curious visitors to see what the inside of a Malaysian palace looks like..


This is after all formerly the National Palace of His and Her Majesty Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and Raja Permaisuri Agong…

Here at the Royal Museum, you can  access some of the most private rooms and hallways of the palace, which had been the official royal residence for more than 80 years….


The old National Palace has also seen seven out of 13 coronations of the Agong before it was officially closed in November 2011.

The majestic double-storey complex sits in an 11.34 hectare compound, and visitors are first greeted with the lush palace gardens while walking towards the main building. The palace is a no-shoes zone, so visitors are to leave their shoes on the shoe racks provided outside the museum…


On the ground level of the museum, you can find a small audience hall, dining halls and never-seen-before rooms such as the cinema and the royal clinic…

The entrances to these rooms are however blocked with a white metal barrier to maintain their pristine condition…


On the upper floor of the museum you can view the royal bedrooms, His and Her Majesty’s offices and a reading room, as well as the powder room, a laundry room, His and Her Majesty’s bathrooms, prayer rooms and the royal bedroom….

Each room is pretty spacious and pretty, with intricate details such as gold-plated switches and heavy curtains…

The Royal Museum is carpeted and air conditioned and makes a comfortable visit away from Malaysia’s humidity…

Photography is normally not allowed but we were fortunate to get to take a few photos with permission…


You can opt to roam the Royal Museum on your own, or with a guide, who is a previous palace staff and possess extensive knowledge of the royal residence and the institution that is the Malaysian monarchy…

Address –
Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim, Bukit Damansara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Our last and final stop was at 11 Jalan Tangsi, at the offices of the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau where we had lunch, and followed by a little trip next door to Rumah Tangsi….


Rumah Tangsi was once known as Loke Hall… It was designed in the British Regency style by Anglo-Indian architect A.K. Musdeen, and completed in 1907…

Loke Chow Kit resided there for about a year, before selling the building…

In September 2012, the mansion was gazetted as a National Heritage Building, under the name Rumah Agam Loke Chow Kit, or Loke Chow Kit Mansion and now belongs to DBKL…

Rumah Tangsi aka Loke Chow Kit Mansion or 10 Tangsi is now a public building with spaces that can be rented by the public through DBKL.

Address – 10 Tangsi, Kuala Lumpur

2020-07-18 14_14_04.700+0800-01_copy_684x513

Anyway, let us help boost our economy by traveling within our country… The high level of compliance with the SOP provides an assurance for everyone that it is safe to travel in Kuala Lumpur or within Malaysia…

Besides, you will be stunned to find so many interesting things within your own country without having to worry about foreign exchange currencies and such… Let’s rediscover or start discovering Malaysia again… I swear each time I go somewhere, even somewhere I have been before, there is always something new there to discover!!! Let’s live life lah, and dearest friends, pls stay safe….

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