The team at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur has been busy looking for ways to provide comfort and convenience to all to welcome the blessed month under the new norm.

The hotel’s ‘Santapan Muhibbah’ delivery spread makes a thrilling comeback following the overwhelming positive response it had last Ramadhan despite the pandemic. Named ‘Santapan Muhibbah 2.0’, this year’s elevated offerings include delivery, pick-up options, as well as a hearty ‘Buka Puasa’ buffet spread (which was missed out on last year due to the lockdown) at all-day dining, Latest Recipe.

Executive Sous Chef, Chef Budiman and his skilled culinary team returns with a gastronomic tour de force of traditional and international fare to mark this festive family occasion in fine style! The twist? Le Méridien team will be offering a served service in alignment with COVID-19 regulations to ensure your safety at all times….

Boasting seven (7) rotational menus, expect a showcase of the very finest family-style cuisine brimming with diverse flavours at Latest Recipe.

Diners can head over to the Malay appetiser station and choose from a variety of Malay appetisers such as pecal desa, tauhu sumbat, acar limau, popiah basah, the Indonesian-style terung balado and nasi ulam. Be sure to help yourselves to different varieties of kerabu dishes such as kerabu sotong (calamari salad with lemongrass, green mango-ginger torch & calamansi dressing), kerabu berlago kelapa kunyit (grated coconut salad with chili turmeric paste, betel leaves and baked salted fish), kerabu daging bakar (beef and tripe salad), kerabu aneka hidupan lautan (seafood salad with pegaga, omega egg and ginger dressing), acar buah salak (served with baby cucumbers and mixed spiced chutney), Thai som
tam and many others. Also available is a variety of ulam-ulam and sambals.

Warm up to a selection of soups such as our hearty and flavourful Signature oxtail stew, Spicy chicken soup with chicken balls, mushrooms, celery and glass noodles, Moroccan lamb stew with baked beans, aromatic vegetables, yoghurt and potatoes, Asian-style spicy crab soup and prawn bisque served with coconut cream, vegetables, tofu and kaffir lime or sample our delicious Bubur Lambok, a traditional Malay porridge and be prepared for more to come.

Chef Budiman adds a twist of his traditional recipes into the variation of main Malay dishes he has had lined up. Be sure to try out the selection of main dishes featuring Rendang Ayam Pencen (Old Chicken Rendang, Omega Boiled Egg, Coconut Candy – Thick Coconut Cream), Berbiri Maliki (Lamb Maliki with Apricot Vinegar, Tunisia Date, Tomato Sauce), Udang Harimau Masak Jintan Manis-Lada Hitam (Tiger Prawns cooked in Cumin Gravy and Black Pepper), Opor Ayam Pahang (Chicken Opor Pahang Style), Ikan Keli Berlado Asam Keping (Cat Fish with Pounded Chili Paste and Tamarind Flakes), Gulai Daging Rempah Darat Giling, Ubi Mengala, Cabai Hijau (Beef Curry with Homemade Paste, Potatoes and Green Chillies), Kepah Masak Lemak (Mussels cooked with Chili-Turmeric Coconut Cream Sauce and Young Papaya), Udang Nenas Sambal Peranakan Nyonya (Prawns cooked with Pineapple and Chili Nyonya Paste), and Rendang Kerbau Kuala
Kangsar (Buffalo Tenderloin cooked in Rendang Paste).

The traditional feast cannot be complete without Le Méridien’s signature Berbiri Panggang (Roasted Baby Lamb with Baharah Spices, Garlic Vinegar, and Fresh Herb Coriander) accompanied with wok-
fried vegetables and steamed white rice.

For live goreng-goreng action, head over to the Malay main counter, where Le Méridien’s chefs will be ever ready to serve you some instant fried Malay delicacies such as aneka pisang, nangka, keledek, keladi, sukun, cempedak, keropok lekor with sos pedas.

Savour the selection of soup noodles: – such as the signature Kuah Lemak Putih Jejari Surime Kepiting (Crab broth with coconut cream, clams and dried shrimp chili paste), laksa Siam, mee kari, and sup herba accompanied by a variation of condiments and toppings to choose from. If you are not a fan of fried delicacies, then our assorted kuih-muih might just be the right pick for you.

Drool over an assortment of kuih-muih from kuih tepung talam, kuih lapis, kuih sago ubi, pulut panggang, apam balik, lompang warna warni, kuih ketayap, kuih tepung pelita, kuih bingka pandan, kuih koci, assorted dodol, assorted Raya cookies, and not forgetting fresh dates.

Don’t forget to indulge in the melting pot of
delectable dishes featured at the Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Western stations….

End your meal with traditional desserts all lusciously presented at the dessert counter. With selections such as ABC and Cendol complete with side condiments, bubur jagong
bersago, bubur cha cha, bubur pulut hitam, sago Gula Melaka with coconut cream, durian soup with pancake rolls and a selection of soft serve ice cream, plain or fruity yoghurt will entice you for seconds as well.

This delectable ‘Santapan Muhibbah 2.0’ buffet dinner will be available at Latest Recipe from 13 April to 12 May 2021, and priced at RM 178 nett per adult and RM 89 nett per child.

The same prices are also applicable to those who wish to dine during Hari Raya on 13 & 14 May 2021…

Enjoy an exclusive early bird promotion of RM 128 nett per adult and RM 64 nett per child for reservations placed between 8 to 10 April 2021….On a separate note, all Marriott Bonvoy and Club Marriott members as well as cardholders of selected banks will enjoy 20% off ‘Santapan Muhibbah 2.0’ buffet throughout the promotion.

To discover more, contact our Dining Specialist at +60 3 2263 7434 or email dining.lmkl@lemeridien.com.

On the other hand, for those who remain cautious about the idea of dining out, welcome the blessed month as you break fast over a delicious ‘Santapan Muhibbah 2.0’ takeaway spread by Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur, in the comfort of your own home!

In partnership with ODDLE and available from 13 April to 12 May 2021, unlock the best traditional recipes in town through delivery and pick-up services. Choose from a
total of four (4) curated set menus featuring classic Malay favourites such as Le Méridien Nasi Minyak Haruman Air Mawar, Bergedil Daging, Tauhu Tempeh, Bubur Lambuk, Beef Rendang with Toasted Local Spices and Roasted Coconut Flakes, Ayam Perchik and Lamb Kuzi, to name a few….

All delivery and pick-up orders can be made via ODDLE
Do follow Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lemeridienkualalumpur/ or ‘Follow’ Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur on Instagram

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