SKYCAMP Sungai Congkak by SKYTREX Malaysia..

SKYTREX Malaysia has introduced their latest “product”, SKYCAMP, which is an all-inclusive camping package in the lush tropical rainforest of Sungai Congkak…

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This package provides campers with all the essentials, camping buddies, plus some handy extras for some of the best camping experience.

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What’s more is you can actually combine it with Skytrex high rope activities, and feel the thrill of flying through the forest with the Sungai Congkak flowing directly under the path of the circuit with the combo package….

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Hungry? Worry not, as meals are included in the package from tea break, dinner, supper, breakfast and unlimited tea and coffee….

All the meals provided are also pre-prepared so you can actually play around and experience cooking in nature hassle free!!

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If you are a first timer, or a noob or super spoiled (never do anything by yourself before in your life), fret not because the SKYCAMP team will be there to guide and help you from setting up the tent, starting a fire and even cook for you!

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The SKYCAMP package will provide the flexibility for you to decide and plan your day, just the way you might like it…

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You can take it slow with chill music and a book in your hand or hype it up with fun games and activities. You can make the decision just as you like it.

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General Guidelines
• Combo package includes Skytrex activity on the River Thrill
(Intermediate) or can be upgraded to Rapid Extreme (Advanced) with
+RM10 extra.
• There is a maximum capacity of 24 pax only per session
• Check in is at 3 pm and check out is at 10 am following day, unless
• Available at Skytrex Sg Congkak only. You may contact the SKYCAMP team to request set up in other
area in Klang Valley….
Additional costs however will apply….
• Purchase can only be made online from SKYTREX website. No third party or agent has been appointed for this package.(
• If booking is below the minimum required pax, the sales team may call for rescheduling or refund.

Enjoy but don’t destroy
In line with Skytrex Adventure’s main element, this product takes the initiative towards educating the public on the importance of enjoying nature while leaving it undisturbed.

SKYCAMP applies “The 7 Principles of Leave No Trace” to reduce human impact on the camping ground;
1) Plan ahead and prepare
2) Travel and camp on durable surfaces
3) Dispose of waste properly
4) Leave what you find
5) Minimize campfire impact
6) Respect wildlife
7) Be considerate of others visitors.

Batu 20 ½ Jalan Sungai Congkak, Kampung Padang
43100 Hulu Langat,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 013 276 9841

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