Nasyrul Quran Complex, Sentosa Janda Baik and Istana Lemuni Janda Baik

During the recent ITC or the Islamic Travel Centre workshop trip, I was given the wonderful opportunity to visit three fascinating Muslim – friendly destinations in Putrajaya and Janda Baik….

Nasyrul Quran Complex

Nasyrul Quran is actually one of Malaysia’s pride and joy as it is the world’s second-largest Quran production centre!!! The Nasyrul Quran Complex at Precinct 14 is the second biggest after the King Fahd Complex in Madinah.

Nasyrul Quran plays a big role by endowing the Islamic holy book to the needy. It targets to print approximately one million copies of the Quran each year, with 70 per cent for domestic use while the rest could be contributed to other countries in need of it. The beautiful quran complex developed on 5.514 acres of land in Putrajaya comes with exhibition galleries, skills training spaces, meeting rooms, surau, cafeteria, viewing gallery of the printing process, and administration and management offices.

Our little visiting group was fortunate to be able to set foot in the hallowed grounds of the printing area, which was normally off limits to visitors and we were truly at awe seeing the miracle of some qurans “created” before our eyes

“Nasyrul Quran” is inspired from the Arabic word meaning “The spread of the Qur’an”. It provides an overview of this complex function as a center for the spread of the Qur’an beginning from the field of research, printing, interpretation, multilingual translation, publication and subsequent distribution of the Quran.

Address – 14811, Jalan P14J, Presint 14, 62675 Putrajaya.
Website –

Sentosa Janda Baik

Sentosa Janda Baik is a gorgeous four acre complex with stunning landscape and six houses, a stream running through the property, fish ponds, fruit trees and a wide range of flora and fauna in Kampung Sum Sum, a mere 40 mins drive away from Kuala Lumpur….

Sentosa which means ‘peace and tranquility’ in Malay, is a centre for visual and performing arts.

The story of Sentosa Janda Baik began with two amazing people, Kamarul and Frances who purchased the property in the 1960’s and turned the once padi fields into a stunning garden space filled with flora and fauna of all kinds and three art galleries.

Sentosa Janda Baik allows visitors to enjoy the permanent collection of artwork and artifacts, temporary exhibitions, cultural workshops, events and tasty food and beverage, all in a beautiful green natural setting….

Two of the houses on the estate which are at least a 100 years old were originally located in Kerdau, Pahang and in Kota Baharu, Kelantan. These houses were painstakingly dismantled and brought to its current location by skilled local craftsmen…. The houses were kept in the same original architecture and the Malay ‘adat istiadat’ or customs were followed during the re-construction and assembly of the houses.

Sentosa Janda Baik is indeed a paradise designed and built with love and which holds many stories of a family legacy whose love for art, culture and nature is well known.…

You can make an appointment here and enjoy a tour of Sentosa Janda Baik’s garden and three art galleries with an experience guide who will share the history and sentimental stories of the artefacts and artworks on display which come from both the Nusantara region and the rest of the world.

Once you have been wowed by that tour, you can help yourself to the yummy light buffet spread provided for guests….

And yeah you can also check out the gorgeous homestay they have!!!!

Address – Kampung Sum Sum, Janda Baik, Pahang
Website –

Istana Lemuni at Janda Baik

Istana Lemuni offers unique experiences with a unique ambience with scenic setting and spectacular views of Lentang Forest Reserve.

Even when we arrived we had to exchange poem verses before we were allowed entry and were warmly welcomed with a silat performance and honey ginger lemongrass tea…

It sure was surreal getting to take a little step back in time and immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of tranquility with a beautiful landscape with three historical traditional Terengganu palaces from the 1800s which were once upon a time home to the Sultan of Terengganu’s wife and daughters…..

Istana Lemuni gets it’s name from a herb with many benefits for mothers who have just given birth.

These magnificent buildings were constructed in Terengganu, but painstakingly dismantled and reassembled and installed at Janda Baik…..

The design of these buildings, with their high stilts and high peaked roofs, definitely stands out and are different from the traditional buildings of inland Pahang, where monsoon rains and flooding have been less of a concern…

You can rent the entire property as per your requirements for any wedding, anniversary or special events…. And it will be a memorable one with breathtaking landscape embedded in a lush tropical forest.…

Peckish or hungry? Head over to Lemuni Cafe where you will be served traditional kampung styled Malay food in a friendly and inviting atmosphere using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients…..

Address -Lot 9756, Kampung Chemperoh, Kampung Janda Baik, Bentong
Website –

Thank to the Islamic Tourism Centre for the opportunity to visit these amazing places that evoke nostalgic memories etc….

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