Dream Forest Langkawi that will transforms a leisure 1.2km trail in a prehistorIc forest of over a hundred million years old into an immersive experience with the magic of multi-sensory technology, projection mapping, sophisticated lighting and mesmerising soundscapes is set to open on 1st May 2023, and I sure am excited over this new tourist spot

When the sun goes down, the forest comes alive and the tales of Tasik Dayang Bunting, Merong Mahawangsa and the Giants of Langkawi will turn into an interactive adventure for visitors of all ages.

Conceptualised and developed by highly acclaimed creative powerhouse Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, the President and Chief Dream Maker of the Enfiniti Group assembled an all-Malaysian team of the best talents in the creative, technical and construction worlds to bring this unique concept to life.

Dream Forest Langkawi was one of several of Enfiniti’s projects halted by the pandemic which began in 2019 as a very different project, designed to be experienced as separate stories told through various mediums of technology in individual pavilions…. Which was part of a plan to revitalise and re-invigorate the beautiful former Kampung Buku (Book Village) of Langkawi. There were even plans for a spectacular nightly performance in an outdoor theatre.

But after 2020, the Enfiniti Group team decided to adapt to a new normal in tandem with IR 4.0, considering how the world was changing, and the way people travelled and consumed entertainment was changing…..

The Enfiniti Group studied the map of the land leased from Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Kedah (PKNK) and realised that, aside from the 5 acres of land where the original Kampung Buku, there was also another 10.8 acres of lush forest surrounding it. It ticked all the boxes – an open-air nature-based attraction, with over a hundred million years old rainforest as their new canvas for storytelling. Where audiences could feel safer. in a space that naturally allowed for social distancing, as they celebrate and gain an appreciation for the natural beauty of Malaysian flora and fauna.

So, Enfiniti Group’s original concept not only pivoted, and evolved into an even more exciting and unique experience that will be one-of-a-kind in this region – a spellbinding fusion of storytelling, creative technology and nature.

The wonders of Dream Forest Langkawi go beyond immersive adventures. It’s primed to increase local tourism by attracting visitors of all ages; families, holidaymakers, school groups, corporations, event organisers, wedding planners, and culture buffs. This in turn, will help boost the local economy through employment. enrich the local communities through training and technology transfer, as well as create business opportunities.

Located at the foot of mighty Gunung Raya, the Dream Forest is a wonderland of biodiversity that never sleeps. During the day, visitors will be able take nature walks to participate in forest bathing and discover unique animals like flying lemurs, dusky leaf monkeys, the Sumatran toad as well as several species of hornbills that call the Lubuk Semilang forest their home

At sunset, the forest transforms into a 15.8-acre wide natural theatrical space. Sang Gedembai, the Guardian of the Dream Forest, along with Eli, Coco and Terra, three adorable helicopter seeds who play host to visitors, will welcome you to experience and interact with stories, told through projection mapping on the trees and surroundings.

Dream Forest Langkawi will also be working closely with all tourism stakeholders including Tourism Malaysia, Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) and tourism and travel associations like the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agencies (MATTA), Malaysian Inbound Tourism Association (MITA), the airlines, travel agents (OTA) and other channels of distribution, locally and internationally.

For over 20 years, Puan Sri Tiara and her award-winning Enfiniti Group have pioneered innovative storytelling and dynamic experiences on film, stage, live events, themed attractions and resorts. Their expertise is in creative tech, design and technology related to immersive experiences, experiential marketing and revitalising spaces.

Enfiniti’s safety video for Malaysia Airlines recently won 2 Gold Awards at the 2022 Marketing Excellence Awards.

Dream Forest Langkawi is yet another step in their exploration of new frontiers, and Enfiniti hopes to create more Dream Forests in other parts of the country. in the near future.

An enthralling combination of creative passion, technological innovation and natural heritage, Dream Forest is the first experience of its kind in Malaysia. Prepare yourself for a truly magical journey.

Dream Forest Langkawi opens from 7 p.m.
to midnight daily except Wednesdays.

Ticket prices:

Website: www.dreamforest.com.my


MERONG MAHAWANGSA – The powerful warrior led a huge fleet in the encounter with the ferocious Garuda. A skilled archer among the mortals, Merong Mahawangsa used the mystical Jentayu arrow to destroy Garuda. The triumphant fighter later resided on the isle of Langkawi and founded the great kingdom of Langkasuka.

PRINCE OF ROME – The dashing, young royal was betrothed to the Princess of China, setting sail with a great fleet across the seas. When they reached the waters around Langkawi, Garuda appeared with a vengeance. But thanks to the skills of Merong Mahawangsa, he was reunited with his princess, fell in love and married her.

PRINCESS OF CHINA – A graceful, flawless beauty, the Princess of China hails from the greatest empire in the East. Her marriage to the Prince of Rome would see the union with another great empire. Garuda kidnapped her and hid her on Langkawi island. During the great battle between Merong Mahawangsa and Garuda, the Prince of Rome was washed ashore close to where she was hidden. The pair was united.

GARUDA – Powerful and merciless, the leader of the birds in the sky realm, Garuda has a wingspan so large that the flap of his wings could bring about a dry monsoon to the lands around. Determined to stop the wedding between the Prince of Rome and the Princess of China, he kidnapped the princess and hid her on Langkawi island. He then attacked the Roman fleet and had to encounter his formidable opponent, Merong Mahawangsa.

GEDEMBAI – Wise and ancient Gedembai is a storyteller of wondrous tales. Guardian of Dream Forest, she sends out seeds to draw travellers into her realm and gather new tales. But be warned, those who do not respect the forest will stir her wrath and she will turn them into stone. This is to keep the delicate balance between the mortal and fairy realm she so fiercely protects.

CENDRAWASIH – With its golden-hued feathers and magnificent tail, Cendrawash is the enchanting bird of paradise who is said to descend from the heavens and live on dewdrops. It is said to bring luck and fortune to those who are lucky enough to encounter one.

GIANTS OF LANGKAWI – The great, muscular giants of Langkawi, Mat Cincang and Mat Raya, are dear friends.
However, a misunderstanding between them turns into a huge quarrel that almost destroyed Langkawi island.
Their common friend, the squat giant Mat Sawar attempts to be the peacemaker but he is powerless against the strengths of the angry pair. As punishment, Gedembai turned them into the mountains that now protect Langkawi.

HELICOPTER PLANT SEEDS – Eli, Coco and Tera are helicopter seeds that whirl in the wind as their light wings propel them like little helicopters through the jungle. Follow them and share in the excitement of their impish adventures. They will guide you safely through the magical dream forest.

MAMBANG SARI & BABY – The most exquisite of the Kayangan princess, Mambang Sari is a beauty unparalleled. She would descend to the earthly realm to bathe at the water’s edge with her sisters and ladies-in-waiting. She would often tease the northern prince, Mat Teja, while he rests by the lake. Eventually they fell in love and had a baby together. Sadly, the baby died. Mambang Sari stayed on by the lake and transformed into the hills that protect Tasik Dayang Bunting. The spirit of her baby inhabits the lake in the form of a white crocodile.

MAT TEJA – A dashing, handsome prince of the mortal realm, Mat Teja, fell in love with the mystical Mambang Sari when she descended from the skies to bathe at the water’s edge. With the help of a hermit-sage, Mat Teja gathered the tears of a mermaid so he could present himself in the mystical realm to Mambang Sari. They are only able to reunite at the water’s edge by the light of a full moon. So, their story represents an enduring love tale.

MERMAID – Sweet and gentle, the mermaid loves to swim close to the water’s edge, fascinated by the shiny lights on the distant land. Once, the allure of the glittering objects pulled her too far inland that when the tide retreated, she was left away from her watery home.
Mat Teja promised to bring her back to the waters if she would fill a vial with her tears. This is because tears of a mermaid brushed on eyelids are said to open mortal eyes to the invisible realm of fairies. Mat Teja then safely returned the mermaid to the sea.

TOK DIAN – The hermit-sage that Mat Teja seeks help from to unite him with Mambang Sari. Possessed with a deep knowledge of all the realms, he meditates and provides an almost impossible task for Mat Teja to complete. He was to collect a vial of a mermaid’s tears.
Tok Dian knows Mat Teja will fulfil it as he and Mambang Sari are fated to be together.

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